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The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

The metamorphosis by Franz Kafka explores the various changes one undergoes as a worker committed to a particular. One's occupation with work affects his or her relationships with friends and relatives. The routine and order of ones' activities changes completely to fit the demands of his or her job. It is an overwhelming task to change ones' lifestyle to suit the requirements of his or her job. Most people find it hard to abandon some hobbies that they no longer find time to do. According to the metamorphosis by Franz Kafka there is an outline of various changes one has to cope up with (Franz & Martin 45).

It is a common occurrence for one to feel exhausted during the first of starting. One is likely in tension wondering whether he or she is doing what the employer expects of him or her. New employees get nervous in attempt to impress their bosses because the first impression one makes at the work place is the driving factor of what attitude will have towards that particular employee. Most people are simply to sleep more only because they have not yet adjusted to the work routine bodies are not. The aspect of passion towards one occupation is very influential as it drives one into a new level of renewed persistence and perseverance in whatever challenges that emerge at the work place. It not necessarily that one has to feel exhausted or overburden during the first days of work since one's preparedness can solve this whole nightmare (Franz & Martin 68).

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The environmental conditions do not really have an effect on one's effort to deliver in his or her work. For instance, if one works in place where the climate is very hot, it just a matter of getting used it and dressing according to the weather. The weather does not necessarily have to pull down one's motivation just because it dull or extremely hot. The working environments of different professions differ depending on each occupation requirements. It expected of an accountant to dress officially because he or she will obviously work in an office. However, a sales representative is likely to dress casually for his work demands so (Franz & Martin75).

Some professionals, who start working without a prior insight of what the work place and routine is like, are likely to regret thinking that they probably made the wrong choice. Such professionals are always thinking that they chose a strenuous career; therefore, they work with a negative attitude towards their occupation. Thus, it necessary even for employers to carry out procedural job orientation as means of preparing their new employees for work (Franz & Martin 34).

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In the routine of one's job, it is likely that one will envy someone's job that they are better and more flexile than theirs are. However, there worker who are comfortable and satisfied with their occupations and deliver without regrets that they should be somewhere else. The most important thing is one's dedication and determination towards his profession. As long as an employee is contented with his or her work, there is no doubt that the work will be well done (Franz & Martin72).

In the metamorphosis of adjusting into a working routine, one needs to be self-driven, as there is in order to overcome the challenges most of which are inevitable to nature of work. It is also important for one to be psychologically prepared for change likely to be encountered in carrying out tasks in the work environment.

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