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Of Mice and Men

In John Steinbeck's novel, Of Mice and Men, foreshadowing is used all throughout the story. The stylistic device appears everywhere, fro the beginning to the end and makes the book more enjoyable by hinting on what is to happen. The author uses the technique to make his book unique. They technique enables the reader to make accurate predictions about what will happen before it happens besides hinting on surrounding events.

The technique of foreshadowing is used to show that Lennie will get into trouble with Curley's wife, Lennie's death and how all this happens. When Curley's wife is introduced, an ill feeling engulfs the atmosphere, a clear indication that Lennie will get into mess with her. In the beginning, George states he is getting into problems when he says "...You do bad things and I got to get you ou..."t The foreshadowing plays a vital role in indicating that Lennie wont last long in the world. At the beginning, the world is introduced in great way that raises emotions with a joyous tone in a peaceful scene but all these is at the end plummeted against a dull unhappy environment which Lennie cannot comprehend.

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Use of foreshadowing is also captured clearly by the situation in Weed, where Curley's wife enters into misunderstanding with a certain girl which creates a sense of insecurity between them. Later, intimation ensues that the girl is going to be killed by Lennie because she killed the puppy and the mouse.

By employing this technique in his work, the author leaves much to be admired about his ingenuity as he creates a sense of suspense that drives the reader through the story.

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