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The Santa Claus

In the poem the Santa Claus by Howard Nemerov, the poet who is Mr. Nemeroy has out rightly shows his recent for the Santa Claus, it is noted that Santa Clauses are frequently seen during the Chrismas seasons. This is when they are seen all over the towns giving gifts to children, and in this poem the poet is highly against the activities of the Santa Clauses as he sis really seen during the festive season a period which is seen as a very happy moment in the Christians calendar as the son of God Jesus Christ the savior of the world is born. They aren't seen and available during the Easter seasons which is a sad day in the Christians calendar as the only son and savior of the world dies on the cross for the sins of the Christians.

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This is clearly experienced in the poem Santa Claus by Howard Nemerov, this is when the poet uses figurative language in airing out recent of the Santa Claus figurative language or speech is a form of literary style that describes something through the use of unusual comparisons (Nemerov, 2011). This style is usually used by the poet to make things clearer for the readers, the poet also use figurative speech to make his work interesting, and at the same time increased effects in the piece of work. It should be noted that use of figurative language in any piece of work doesn't literary mean what is implied by the poet or artist.

In the poem Santa Claus by Howard Nemerov, Mr. Nemerov, has used several figurative language that has helped him drive his points shim an example in the poem is when he says "He teaches the innocent to want, thus keeps Our fat world rolling." This is an action that clearly indicates that he doesn't like the Santa clause, which to my own thinking I believe that this line in the poem says that the Santa Claus comes into the world during the Christmas season with the aim of giving gifts to the children and people. The Santa Claus will ultimately make the people to share there presents during the Christmas festive season instead of spreading these gifts through out the year especially during Easter seasons at a time when the savior is crucified for the sins of the Christians.

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The poem Santa Claus by Howard Nemerov, the poet has used a various numbers of figurative languages in his attempt to show his recent to the Santa Claus as in the line in the poem "The merest soupcon, of brimstone and the pit." In this line the poet is emphasizing on the problems that are encountered when the Santa Claus is performing his duties.

In the poem the poet indicates that the Santa Claus is giving out small gifts especially to children in the pretence of sharing their joy with them during this festive season but as a result of this the children will only be blinded by the kinds of presents they receive from the Santa Claus. It's from this statement that the poet ventured into the different ways that the Santa Claus use to bring the children into sharing and giving out of gifts (Nemerov, 2011). He has major criticized the quantity and quality of the gifts that are given out to the children.

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Figure of speech is also used in the poem is the "At Easter, he's anonymous again, Just one of the crowd lunching on Calvary". This is where the poet in hyperbolized the Santa Claus, at this point the poet associates the Santa Claus to be a person who isn't very keen on following the ways of the savior, in that they disappear during the time when the son of God is crucified and they don't spread the peace in the society that they live in through out.

Therefore these kind of people are only linked with the spreading and sharing of joy to the people at the time of birth of the messiah. On the day of his crucifixion a time in which the Christians are supposed to spread love and share gifts and from the word anonymous as in the poem it clearly indicates that thee Santa Claus doesn't appear any where close to the messiah in order to share the love at this sad moments.

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The poet has also used allegory figurative language in his work as in the following sentence "His prescribed costume, White flannel beard, red belly of cotton waste. Conceals the thinness of essential hunger" this figurative style states that everything that is inside represents another thing that is outside. This is when the poet artistically satirizes the costumes of the Santa Claus by stating that the clothes that are worn by the are very huge and massive thus used to show that the Santa Claus is a very big and old person but in real sense the person that is wearing the cloth is a young person and in the process the individual will use that as an opportunity to make the children believe in his principles. Yet they can't be able to be able to sustain the doctrines of there practice through out the year.

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Symbolism has been used in the poem when the poet criticized the Santa Claus by failing to share there good deeds in times when the children needed to share and spread love this is when he states (Nemerov, 2011). "This annual savior of the economy Speaks in the parables of the dollar sign", this is a form in which the poet criticized the ways in which the Santa Claus asked the children to share with there friend only during the Christmas holidays while they don't practice it through out the year.

Symbolism is used in the poem, were as symbolism means something that stand for something else, in the poem the poet has "..when the Child is born To suffer for the world, suffer the world," the poet has used the child in that point to indicate that the Santa Claus is always seen on the Chrismas times a time when the child which represents Jesus Christ, therefore making it easy to understand the concept of the poet.

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Allusion is another figurative language that is used in the poem as it refers to a person theme place or event in history or current culture, in the poem Santa Claus by Howard Nemerov, the theme and setting of the poem is during the Chrismas season, this is a time when the Santa Claus are mostly in the streets and they tend to offer the children with surprise gifts during the Chrismas season.

In conclusion the poet of this poem Santa Claus by Howard Nemerov has showed a negative feeling towards the Santa Claus this can be expressed by the tone that the poet has used an example is when he uses the harsh tone of describing the name of the Santa class as a thing that gives out a stench as in the line (Nemerov, 2011). "His name itself is corrupted, and even Saint Nicholas, in his turn, Gives off a faint and reminiscent stench" this is an a harsh tone that makes the reader experience the recent the poet has for the Santa Claus.

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