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Worst Case by James Patterson

Summary of the novel

The novel is about a leading detective by the name Michael Bennett who is based in New York. In his profession, the detective is faced by a new challenge; a mysterious serial killer whose target is the wealthy children of New Yorkers. However, despite the fact that the serial killer demonstrates traits similar to those of a kidnapper, he does not ask for any financial gain from the guardians of the children hence demystifying the objectives.

As the novel unfolds, it becomes clear to Bennett who is a widower and father of ten adopted children that the kidnapped children are subjected to a test which determines whether they will be killed or they will survive. Although the hands of the detective are full in the novel, he has an assistant from the FBI who helps in identifying the missing children well as assisting him in demystifying the intent of the serial killer.

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Main characters

The main characters in "worst case" are Michael Bennett the detective who is a widower with ten children who are adopted and lives with their nanny. His father is a priest in the neighborhood and his hilarious chats lighten up the sad scenes in the novel. The other main character is Emily Parker the FBI agent working hand in hand with Bennett in the investigations. The other main character in the novel is the serial killer who is terrorizing the children of wealthy New York citizens.

Credibility of characters

The detective is quite credible in his line of duty as he is able to act professionally towards resolving the issues at hand. However, the credibility of the FBI agent and other police officers is not at per as they fail to react appropriately when they get face to face with the serial killer. The action of yelling and screaming does no good to the victims. "Upon getting to the scene, Emily and the police officers let out a loud yell after witnessing the horrifying scenario".

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Role of characters

Michael Bennett's role is to unearth the mystery surrounding the serial deaths among children of wealthy New Yorkers. He is assisted in his detective work by Emily Parker an FBI agent. These two key characters are assisted by New York police officers in identifying the killer. Similarly, in the story, the serial killer undertakes several abductions and murders hence making the role of the detective, as well as, that of the FBI agent relevant in the novel.

The main characters did run into adventure in the later stages of the novel when Michael and Emily fall in love. My favorite character was the hilarious priest as he brought out the comic aspect of the entire mystery though I would not relate to any of the characters. I have never done or felt the same things as those in the novel however I like the book as I aspire to work as a detective later on in life. The favorite part of the novel is when the tests are on and the teenagers give correct answers. The book can be recommended to people who think that society is unfair especially to the less wealthy.

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