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Classroom Management is Essential for Effective Teaching

Classroom management is a concept that covers all the aspects of a class. On one hand there is the teacher and the other hand the students. These two parties are expected to interact in a manner that facilitates the other to meet their need. The teacher has knowledge to pass across to the students and on their part, student need to give utmost cooperation to facilitate the exercise. This necessitates the presence of an agreed code of behavior (and punishments as well) that will help in governing behavior within the classroom setting. Classroom management therefore is concerned with what the students are supposed to be taught and the process of dissemination of this knowledge. It is the teacher’s prerogative to control class activities and employ strategies that guarantee a conducive environment for learning.

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Krause, Bochner & Duchesne asserts that classroom management is not only concerned with behavior but also involves planning, organization and controlling the learner, the learning process as well as controlling the class room environment to maintain an effective learning experience. This translates that it is the success or failure of classroom management that determines if at all any form of learning can take place in a classroom. It is from this promise that we can therefore deduce that failed adherence to class management may have a number of negative consequences. Some of these consequences are herein discussed.

It may result in high incidences of classroom disciplinary problems. This is because there is nothing that defines the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ of the class. This often impedes effectiveness of teaching and the learning is rendered unproductive. In most cases, such results in low achievement of the class in general especially the at-risk-students such as the economically challenged, those with a poor knowledge of the language as well as the disabled. Berliner argues that teachers who have problems with behavior management in classroom discipline are frequently ineffective in class. They often report high levels of stress and symptoms of burn out.

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Another possible negative effect to education is unpreparedness for any eventuality. This is because it is only with organization, planning and routine that one is able to have a classroom management plan. With this, a teacher is able to anticipate problems before they manifest. They are well equipped to avoid any impending dangers and hence guaranteed smooth functioning of their classrooms.

Lack of classroom management skills can also render one incapable of solving conflict situations. Such a teacher may be deprived of the family-like situation that is created with good skills. This translates to a feeling of belonging. Lack the belonging feeling makes students feel the teacher is not committed to their success and happiness. This eventually culminates in demoralizing them.

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With a proper plan, the class is able to easily adapt to the class procedures that easily become routine for students. With such, they own up their lessons and this help facilitate a smooth flow of the day. Given that the students know what to expect, they are able to follow the routine through and this goes a long way to minimize disruptive behavior. It therefore goes without mentioning that the opposite of this is the outcome of poor or lack of planning. For example, the two universally applicable routines of walking into the class and that of walking out can be very chaotic with poor management

Lack of organization may compel a teacher to start his class late. If it happens that the same teacher did not prepare his materials in advance, his disorganization comes out at some point in one way or another. He may easily spend more time on maintaining order instead of focusing on instruction. If caution is not taken, this may culminate in him doing more of lecturing and fail to involve the students in the teaching process. In the ideal situation, order would imply students spending much of their time focused on learning.

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It is clear that failed classroom management has myriads of negative effects on education as discussed above. This notwithstanding, it is also important to not that there are a number of possible steps that can be undertaken to salvage the situation as discussed from here henceforth. Most of these measures revolve around planning. It is only through planning that a teacher is capable of making classroom management goals. This fosters self-respect, promotes empathy in his students and also creates enthusiasm in the learner. It is also productive and goes a long way to provide a conducive environment for learning.

Planning should also encompass student development needs. It is important to not that classroom management should reflect the constantly changing needs in the different levels with regard to school setting. For example, socializing a child with student roles (such as introduction of routines) is usually the focus during the early school days. At the university level, they are more mature and well conversant with the school environment.

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It is also worth that the teacher creates a good learning environment in the process of planning at the beginning of the year. It involves ensuring a place of comfort for all in a neat setting that encourages all the students to unleash their full potential. Proper physical space should not be overlooked. Every learner should be able to see chalkboard, access the high-activity areas like the pencil sharpener; and the arrangement of desks shouldn’t expose them to distractions of visible movements through the doors or windows.

Teachers should also be keen on developing classroom rules and procedures. Such will encourage regularity and provide a level ground for both teachers and students. With proper planning and implementation of these rules and procedures, they are easily made routines and subsequently followed.

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Encouraging student cooperation cannot be undermined. Teachers should be interested in the students as individuals more than their academic work. Genuine concern will enable cooperation. Other than that, students should be allowed to assume responsibilities e.g. in decision making as this increases their commitment to the decisions reached. Further cooperation can be motivated through rewarding of appropriate behavior.

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