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Kudler Fine Foods

Kudler Fine Foods is a rapidly growing firm founded in 1998. The management of the company selected Microsoft Access to take control as a data base to track the entire inventory, clients and all its orders. This business enterprise deals with perishable products hence; it is vital to track all the inventories in a correct manner. The excessive inventory of Kudler Fine Foods is a matter of concern. The aim of this paper is to assess the data tables in an accounting perspective and to allow for the provision of recommendations for improvements with the creation of a pivot table for better decision making process.

Evaluation of the design elements of the provided data tables in an accounting perspective can be done when pivot tables are used to organize the financial data into different departments, followed by financial account codes, various items, sums of the total amount for the codes of various transactions. Consequently, this will be followed by the counts of the number and quantities of items that were provided in the inventory for the given period. In the second step, the design is used to maximize any visual and presentations with information for the data on finances. Using this design will provide the user of the information to be prepared to identify the type of items that should be grouped in a particular department and also the quantity of items that are expected to arrive and the sum total of costs for any given item for that particular time.

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Thirdly, the given presentation of the quantity and total amount of items, the user of the provided information will be able to derive the effective average purchase price of the items.

A recommendation for improvements to the data table involves using a pivot table that can be improved by having chronological arrangements on the codes. Data can be sort by making a compilation on the list of product inventory levels. This process provides an easier way of monitoring items for each department having large quantity of items on sale. Furthermore, when data is sort, there is a provision of quick visualization rendering the understanding of the data in a better way. According Birnbaum, he argued that the data would be organized and found quickly and consequently allow for an effective decision making.

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Using pivot table can advance decision making for Kudler Fine Food’s management. As stated by information visualization is vital in decision making, since at times the management may require taking the decisions at first hand but large numbers of information may complicate the process. Pivot table is important for record keeping and provides an opportunity to view a single data set. The pivot table helps in evaluating the net change of quality by using formula function. It will be easier to know the number of goods present in the store and which need to be purchased and those that required to be moved in or out of the store. Pivot table a quicker way to summarize data from a work sheet to obtain the totals and the average counts of the inventory items.

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In conclusion, for customer satisfaction, managing the inventory is a harder task; hence the management of various departments of Kudler Fine Foods has a responsibility of ensuring that inventory levels are high in order to meet the market demand. It is important to use pivot table to know the flow of stock in and out of the store.

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