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Managing Ethically

When people make a group decision there is importance of considering the ethical background of their decisions. It is important to ensure that when a group makes any decision they are governed by good ethical issues on the outcome of their decisions. When a group makes a decision there is not personal responsibility on its outcome in case it would work against the group decision. That is the reason why group decision is much extreme as compared to individual decision.

The members of the group should be responsible of their decision. There should be no difference on the individual and group decision as they should be done the same way. When each of the members of the group makes the decision as if they are making it at an individual level they will be much cautions of the outcome of the decision (Decision-making-confidence, par 5). Accountability of the decisions being done is the main considerations which any decision maker should take in to account as it enable them evaluate on the implications of their decisions.

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Managerial decisions are meant to improve on the performance of the company. Hence, any decision which is being done either by an individual or a group should be evaluated on its possibilities if it won’t work what are the damages which will need to be controlled. Without such measures in place the organization will keep on suffering from group decisions which the decision makers are not accountable for. However, if a group is able to evaluate the decisions which they are working on there are possibilities of making even better decisions which are less extreme than an individual as they are able to brainstorm and share their ideas with an aim of making them much better. It is also necessary to have group representatives who evaluate the decision being made by the group and own them as if they are their own decisions. With such measures in place it is possible to validate the decision and mitigate any negative effects which would arise if it was implemented.

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