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Teams in Production

There is a new management scenario where the companies have joined with other fields that have influenced the working of the management fields. The concept of the companies coming into an agreement with the other fields has promoted the use of teams in production and operation management. Through the company employing teams in its production and operation, it remains focused in its goal, to achieve the set objectives. Teams help an organization to plan, implement and control their production process, which ensures there is a smooth and efficient operation in the organization. Production and operation are the main activities that drive the working of the company hence they require specialized teams to enable them work efficiently. Teams are important in the organization because they produce a base for the actual working of the organization.

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This paper presents a research on the Lean manufacturing, which refers to removal of waste by the companies. This is the disposal of the wastes by the company so that to make sure that the waste does not end up in the hands of the customers. The research is about lean management by Toyota production system. The Toyota production system is focused on the reduction of the wastes to improve the overall customer value for the Toyota products. Through this, it helped Toyota to become the largest automaker company in the world.

Toyota being a world leading company to ensure that its products does not have defects when they reach the customers it has ensured that their product goes through several stages. In the production and operation management by Toyota, it has ensured that it involves specialists, in every process, in the manufacture of the products. Toyota ensures that the materials used to make their products are of a good standard, to ensure that there are no defects after the manufacture.

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According to Khanna (2007 pg 58), in the production and operation of Toyota automobiles, it has ensured that the products that are of poor quality are not repaired so that they are sold to the customers, but they are destroyed so that to come up with quality products that will meet customer needs. The company has set up good laboratories to test the quality of the materials that are used to produce their products.

The company in its production and operation to increase the profits, it has opened up manufacturing branches all over the country. It has managed this through employing and training individuals from all parts of the world on how to make good products. The employees are trained on how to reduce wastes, and they should ensure that they do not reach the customers. This has enabled it to reduce the number of defect product in the hands of the customers.

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In its operation, Toyota has ensured that it wins the loyalty of its customers. This has been achieved by it providing education to its customers on the different products that it manufacture. The company has also ensured that it gives after sales service, to its customers to ensure that the products are in good condition. For it to reach a wide number of customers, the company has ensured that it produces a wide range of products that are affordable by the target group. By setting their prices low, it attracts a large customer base.

Toyota has used teams to increase its profits it has achieved this by involving other companies in its operation. The company uses other companies to facilitate its operations and production. The other fields that it has joined hands with include finance, supply, management and the marketing fields.

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Toyota has involved the financial field in its production and operation management in the way that, the financial institutions offers capital to the company. Through financial support, the company has increased its production; this has enabled it to be a global automotive producing company. By teaming up with the financial companies, the company has been able to acquire specialized in the finance management, to manage the company’s finances. Elnadi (2009 pg 144) suggests that through employing the specialists, then they will guide the company in its budgeting and allocation of resources. The company can get financial funding from the financial companies to enable it finance its operations and production.

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The company has teamed up with supply chain companies to facilitate its operation and production. The supply companies that have been contracted by Toyota have increased sales of Toyota products. Through this, the company has increased production and operation management of the company. The supply companies are involved in ensuring that the Toyota products have reached all the indented market by the company.

The company has been involved with the management companies that ensure that the company remains in the course, to achieve their objectives. Through management, the company has set out departments that ensure there is a smooth running in the production and operations. Management has ensured that every department in the company is composed of a team of qualified individuals, to offer guidance to the company.

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In order to increase the sales, the company has teamed with major marketing companies, to ensure that the products are being marketed over the world. Marketing companies have enabled Toyota to have a large base of customers by through good marketing strategies so that to increase sales. Barnes (2008) asserts that as a marketing strategy, Toyota is involved in social services so that to make it reach a wide range of customers.

Toyota can be involved in improvement of the economic status of a country. Being an international company, it can improve the economy of the country by opening up more branches that will act as a source of employment. By employing people, the economy of the country will grow because the employees generate revenue to the government. The company can also help in developing of the economy by investing in infrastructure. The company can be involved in the construction of roads, hospitals and even schools. It contributes to the economy of the country by paying taxes, which are used in the development of the government sectors.

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The company can contribute to the control of environmental factors such as pollution, floods and oil spill over. The company can control pollution by ensuring that the products they make does not emit pollutants to the environment, and it can be involve in the construction of trenches to control flooding. In controlling oil spill over the company can ensure that the vessels that carry oil are in good conduct.

Toyota can help in the economy and environmental issues by ensuring that it offers education to the individuals on how to improve the economy and the importance of good environment.

In conclusion, research asserts that through the company teaming up with others, it enhances its production. For instance, Toyota has involved other companies to ensure that there are no wastes in its products. This has widened their market touch. Toyota’s contribution can be seen on the economy of a country. This is because the company has the potential of opening up many branches that will bolster the economy of a country, as it is an international entity. The company also values a smooth running, and that is why it teamed up with other management companies

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