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Purchase Journal

Through keeping a journal of all the purchases and consumption made in seven days it is evident that the purchases was influenced by a number of factors. These forces include internal forces such as taste, attitude, and personality and the external forces include peer pressure, availability, and purchasing environment (O'Dougherty, 2007).

Looking presentable always has been my weakness and it has made me to develop good taste in fashion. This has led me always to look for elegant and classy items whenever I go shopping. Evidently, the journal shows that my purchasing expenditure is quite high when purchasing goods especially because I buy very expensive products from the market. In addition, because of values and believes that I have acquired over time has developed an attitude in me that responds to objects or class of objects that are of high value (O'Dougherty, 2007).

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Peer pressure has also been a major factor when making my purchasing decision. The peer pressure purchasing came about when I wanted to fit in with the other students, so my decision used to correspond with the product or brand that my friends own. Also I have a very strong personality especially considering the kind of society I was brought up from. So as to uphold the societal background, to some extent it has influenced my purchasing behavior because characteristics of personality are frequently exposed in a person's self-concept, that is the way they see oneself and the way they suppose others perceive them (Trehan, & Trehan, 2004).

The consequences of my purchases pattern are numerous but the most evident one is that it is very expensive. I have come to the realization that I use a huge some of money to acquire items that I barely need or can access them at a reduced price. This had led me to financial strain, which in one way or another could be avoided. In addition to this because of the peer pressure the pattern has led to serious personal consequences as it led me to live a life which was determined by my peers and not me personally thus living a lifestyle that did not define exactly who I am.

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Through the journal I have realized that there is a big need to reassess and change my purchase patterns. This can be achieved by first assess my situation through looking at my current lifestyle and determine what is working and what is not -both personally and financially (Marketing tutorials, 2010). Then determine a new purchasing pattern that will make my lifestyle coexist with my income. This will help to reduce the unnecessary expenditure.

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