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Hiring Strategies

In order to fill up the vacant position will us the following strategy developed specifically for this purpose. The strategy involves coming up with a list of the attributes I desire in my perfect candidate to take up the position (Novick, Morrow & Mays, 2007). The list shall further indicate the academic qualification as well the minimal work experience that the candidate should have. Certainly, a suitable candidate despite having good academic qualification should be able to work with other in teams, work under strenuous condition and deliver high quality results. Certainly, this criterion is a product of the following job description: The job in question is that of a public health specialist and shall be responsible for supervising, directing and performing work ranging from assisting and advising the government, various public, non-profit and private players in this field on administrative and program matters pertaining to the creation, execution, operation, management, assessment and raising funds for activities relating to public health. The person shall also conduct studies and other analytical tasks in line with the planning, improvement, organization, management, assessment and of public health programs or other activities in the public health arena. This position shall require specialized knowledge regarding activities, process principles and ways of administering public health programs.

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According to Elizabeth (n.d.) in order to reach all possible candidates it is important to us an appropriate means of advertisement. For the purpose of advertisement shall use dailies and the internet. I shall also advertise in popular magazines. This is because daily newspapers, popular magazines and the internet are normally accessed by a large number of people on daily purposes. When man candidates are available for selection, I shall have the opportunity to choose the best from what is available. I will also look through previous records of previous employees or interns to find out if there is any among them that can take up this position. The later technique is even cheaper though it may not be effective in presenting a variety of candidates.

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Once I have received applications for this position at the set date, I shall shortlist a number of candidates who pass across as being very striking. I shall contact them and invite them for an interview to ensure that I left with only the best. At the interview shall seek to determine their interpersonal skills, personal traits and motivations. The three main questions that is shall ask every candidate that gets short listed are: How do you make you decisions? What trait best helps you to work with others in teams? And what makes you think you are the best candidate for this job? With this I shall be able to remain with a candidate who has the best academic qualification, best intrapersonal skill, good personal attribute and is motivated to work.

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Certainly, the process of recruiting a new employee to fill up the vacant position shall involve regulation stipulated by the. The government provided rules and regulations that are supposed to ensure that there is fair treatment of those seeking for employment and that they all have equal chances of being selected. According to EEOC (2010) Rapid changes that are being experienced today have force the public health system to begin characterizing itself with these new changes. These changes have formed an integral part in the continuous amendments of laws that governs the recruitments of individual into any health organization all over the world. These amendments have been enacted to laws which ensure that no individual is discriminated based on ones color, race, tribe, national origin or even sex (North Carolina State University, 1994).

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Certainly, the process of recruiting of an employ to fill up the position in my firm shall seek to get the best candidate without violating any of the government's laws. The organization shall seek to get an employee that can facilitate achievement of its objectives thorough creatively and vast knowledge

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