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Everything in Nature Works According to Laws

This statement comprises Immanuel Kant’s concept of morality. Kantians believe that morality is grounded in obedience to the moral laws which are considered as universal laws. With this given, Kantians consider abortion as an immoral act and therefore should not be executed by any means. Abortion is killing, and killing is universally discerned as immoral. Killing has never been regarded in history as a lawful act, and it has never been considered right for a human being to take the life of another human being. In this light of morality, the Kantians insist that it is and it will always be immoral to induce abortion because it violates the universal conception of preserving human life.

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On the other hand, John Stuart Mill believes that taking someone’s life could be regarded as a moral act if the act itself would lead to the happiness of the subject individual or the majority. Utilitarianism disagrees with the objective view of Kantians regarding morality. A utilitarian would distinguish morality according to the effects of the act. If the act causes pain and destruction to the majority or the subject individual, it is therefore considered immoral. Unlike the Kantians whose definition of morality depends solely on the act itself, utilitarians believe that the morality of an act depends upon the outcome. In this view, a utilitarian therefore would consider abortion moral if the act will lead to the happiness of the mother or will reduce the possibility of further pain and suffering towards the people involved.

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This is totally in contrast with Kant’s since Kant believes that human beings have not the right to take his fellow being’s life. However, utilitarians may also consider the act immoral if abortion will not secure the happiness of the mother nor anyone involved in the situation.

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