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Right to Happiness

The notion of happiness is a rather controversial, one and there have been many attempts to define and specify this concept by various philosophers and writers. However, still there is no specific definition, as happiness can be absolutely different for different people. One of the famous philosophers who analyzed this notion was Aristotle. According to him, happiness is not a temporal state, and this is the result of the certain work, and it is similar to an achievement at the end of everybody’s life. Happiness is a priceless gift, dependent on a great range of circumstances outside all human control. Besides, our sexual impulses and the possession of the beloved are often associated with settled, fruitful, deep-rooted, lifelong happiness.

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In his article “We have no right to happiness” Lewis expresses his opinion concerning the notion of happiness and its definition. One of the ideas that he suggests, is that happiness is mainly a sexual happiness and our sexual impulses are being put in a position of preposterous privilege (Lewis). Lewis also discusses the issue of marital infidelity and divorce, as one of the examples of pursuit of happiness. According to Lewis, happiness is more a temporal state than something permanent. We may find our happiness and enjoy it for some time and then lose.

People marry when they feel this close link between them that resembles happiness, and then divorce when this link is lost. The main reasons marked out by Lewis for such a change are time, loss of job or stable income, loss of looks and interests. I agree with Lewis that if people love each other and they do not face any challenges related to their financial stability or health, there will scarcely be any problems in such a couple. Far not all people can stand the test of circumstances and overcome some significant changes in their lives.

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According to Lewis, people start their search for the new relations and love in order to satisfy their erotic passions. Lewis states that such a decision has a very strong erotic passion that leads to rapid actions, numerous promises, and at such a condition far not all our actions and behavior itself can be explained or understood. Such a behavior is similar to a strong sudden impulse that pushes us to changes. Besides, I share Lewis’s point of view that such promises and decisions often turn out to be completely untrue and unstable. It is important to be able to live and act, regardless of our erotic passions, or at least try to control them.

One more idea suggested by Lewis is that a man should use his right to happiness, if he gets it. However, whether happiness is a certain right, is under a huge doubt for Lewis. I totally agree with his point of view that a right for happiness is nearly equal to a good luck or a good turn of events. Happiness is something unguaranteed that is mainly deserved by a hard work and not an obligatory condition. However, happiness can also be considered as a certain gift that people get, in spite of the fact whether they deserve it or not.

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I also agree with Lewis’s words that women tend to be more naturally monogamous, as compared to men. This fact is explained by our biological necessity and certain differences in our values. Domestic happiness and family is usually the biggest matter of concern for the majority of women, and the roles of a good mother and a loved wife are the main goals women set in their lives. Although times may change and something unexpected may happen, still I think nothing can change the fact that a woman becomes a mother and gives birth to a child. It is the real happiness, and it is a sort of result, and the final stage of the youth, and it is the beginning of the next stage of life, the maternity. That is why women rarely decide to divorce, trying to save their family. Women become victims in marriages more often than men; however, still this is a rather controversial topic.

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Moreover, Lewis mentions the loss of looks as one of the crucial factors of marital infidelity. Years pass by, and with every year it is getting more and more difficult to remain in the same condition and fit. Woman’s appearance usually plays an important role for men, though for women the looks of their men is not a primary criterion. Thus, women experience a double disadvantage, and it is far more difficult for them to cope with marital infidelity, and an absolutely new life and status after the divorce.

Lewis’s understanding of happiness is partially similar to the Aristotle’s view of this notion, according to which the real happiness is the main thing of major importance for any person, and happiness is the most widespread object of desire for every person. Real happiness is desired for your own sake, and there are no other additions to this definition. Seeking pleasure, wealth or friendship are absolutely different notions as compared to happiness. I believe that we can find our true happiness only at the final stage of our life, when we are able to analyze all the events in our life and their role. Happiness can be achieved only at some final stage of your life, and it cannot be temporary nor gained or gone in several hours or minutes. Moreover, it is necessary to work hard, in order to reach your goals and achieve happiness. It should be achieved every day and at every moment of our life.

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