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Confucian Concept

The Confucianism traces back in the history of China and East Asia. Confucianism started during the duration of ancient history of China. This occurred when China had many problems concerning the unity of its citizens, and the existing unrest that was rampant throughout the nation. In the period between (771-221BC), the philosopher by the name of Confucius developed some guidelines that were meant to bring a sense of fulfillment and harmony in the nation. These guidelines came to be known as the Confucius concepts. These guidelines become famous because of the autocratic rule and the imperial dynasties that existed at the time. The content of this Confucian guidelines suited China based on prevailing stern social class hierarchies, obedient and respectful nature of citizens. The Confucianism later on became the guiding principle of the moral and ethical guidelines in the period of the second century B.C. It later spread to East Asia by their interaction with China through China’s influence on culture and trade (Hall 59).

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The Confucian idea has had a substantial impact as far as the culture, economy, and politics of China are concerned. Therefore, it is crucial to note that the concept of Confucian touches on every aspect of business. In the Confucian thought, Li has been used to signify the structure, property, and rituals. Here, the concept of Confucian brings the existence of establishment of the Hierarchal family business. It explains that the family is the basis of Chinese organizations, which are inclusive of the businesses. The Chinese values the family as a crucial part of society and in their perspective; the family always is first and other things second, including the businesses. This shows the existing difference between China and other countries. In China, the main objectives of the businesses are more inclined to family’s interests, but for the rest of the world, the primary aim of all business is to make a profit. Li also emphasized on the importance of those in power is not only receive titles and enjoy the benefits of their work, but also to be of benefit to the other people. From this directive, the growth of business within China and from the business treaties outside China is automatically improved due to the positive involvement of the government. Once the government is actively involved in the businesses taking place, it becomes a sure way of ruling out cases of illegal deals from either within or without the country.

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The second concept is Chu Tzu, which also means the ‘ruler’s sons. The principles of Chu Tzu touched were aimed at those who felt superior to others. It laid down the guidelines of behaviors and the values that should be upheld by the superior ones. It stipulated that the superior men would be expected to do what is considered right; while the small men were expected always do what was considered profitable to the rest. The analects of Chun Tzu stated that; a righteous person is always happy. The wise is never perplexed, and the brave is never afraid. This principle sorts to explain that a reasonable person should be righteous, and endeavors to become respectful to others. In regards to the business in China, today, the rampant growth of business in china has a lot to do the principle of Chu Tzu. When there is an existence of sound policy and governance, the business automatically grows. From the principle that the superior man should always do the right thing, this boils down to sound management practices that are employed while running businesses. It could also imply about the role of the banks and other lending institutions. They should take the superior man’s role when assisting the businesspersons either financially or by offering advices.

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In the role of the small man of only doing what is profitable to others as stipulated by Chun Tzu, much emphasis were given to the value and the importance of working hard. In being profitable, the concept touched on the value of being of service to others. This might be the reason why China is growing by the day. The modern infrastructures favoring most businesses are being erected in China. The leading growth of businesses in China is because of collective hard work and responsibility that every citizen in China displays. From Chun Tzu’s analects that says; a righteous man is always happy. Emphasis has been put to discredit criminality. Increase in criminal actions has an inverse proportionality to business growth.

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The third Confucian concept was known as Jen. Jen gave much emphasis on the prevailing relationship that existed between the individuals. He argued that, for an effective relationship between persons, one should cultivate on virtues such as benevolence, love and be humane towards others. He also went further in instilling the virtues such as being diligent, not being selfish, courteousness and being sympathetic when dealing with other people. He instilled the sense of civility and morality among the people of china. In order to have a smooth running in business, these virtues are ideal for any human existence. In case of businesses, the ability of a person to practice courtesy helps one in making reasonable and effective business deals. A courteous person is likable, and most customers tend to be comfortable with persons with this virtue. These concepts have affected China positively as many countries around the world are striving to become China’s business partners. Most business in many places is affected by the attitude of selfishness among the rival businesspersons. They do this to keep as many customers as they can, but in china, this is not the case. From the guiding principle of Jen, he strongly condemns selfishness among the people as this highly disintegrates the society.

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In conclusion, the Confucian concept has encompassed all aspect of human life. All the significant factors starting from the way one is expected to take his own care. This aspect has clearly been illustrated by the principles Chun Tzu. Chun Tzu emphasizes on the importance of being good, wise, and brave. All these virtues help in the growth of self. He also encourages one on being innovative and always ready to take the risk in business. In supporting this verdict, Chun Tzu suggests that one should always be wise, for one can never be perplexed, and being brave and in trusting in self, and once this is done one can never be afraid. The concept of Li helps one in understanding their historical system of leadership. They are also taught on the importance of their elders as far as business and other life challenges are concerned. They are also taught on the importance of family and their involvement in various businesses. Li elaborates on the system of division of labor, the elder one are given the managerial position of the existing businesses. He also directs those in power on how to use their position for the benefit of others and no to enrich self. Finally, Jen gives much emphasis on the way one interacts with the others. He also goes further and explains about the principles that those who are in power should follow for an effective service for all (Grayson 97).

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