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Pranic Healing

Throughout the history of medicine, people have been trying to come up with new methods of self-healing. In order to help one cure various kinds of ailments, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui developed and promoted the system of pranic healing that is supposed to affect people’s physical state by treating their energy field. The system of pranic healing is not aimed at replacing the conventional medicine; it has to complement it in many ways.

The word ‘prana’ comes from Sanskrit and means ‘life force’ – the kind of undetectable vital energy that helps to keep the human body alive and in a good health (Lobo, 2008). The system of pranic healing is based on using this vital energy for treating various ailments that people might suffer from. This particular form of energy healing was commonly practiced in ancient China, Egypt and India. It is believed that a person is cured from a disease when the ailing energies are removed from the patient’s unseen energy body and replaced by the new vital energy filling up the areas affected by the disease (Savoie, 2012).

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The history of pranic healing is rather mysterious, as its methodology has been kept secret for centuries. It was done mainly to prevent the misuse of the system and preserve it in its initial state. In the last century, the pranic healing practices were rediscovered and became a part of the conventional holistic medicine (Savoie, 2012). Throughout the centuries, the pranic healing system was practiced in different cultures and on different continents, and it was adapted to the needs of various communities. However, the key methods of the system were kept only betwixt the practitioners (Lobo, 2008). The exact date of the pranic healing system origin remains unknown, but it is known that it originally was practiced in the East and then spread to the West. It was introduced in the US by Asian immigrants and soon spread further and became popular throughout the country (Savoie, 2012).

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Grand Master Choa Kok Sui is one of the most famous pranic healing practitioners who began promoting the system in the 1980s. He is the author of the famous book The Ancient Science and Art of Pranic Healing in which he re-conceptualized the notion of pranic healing and provided a more thorough understanding of the system and all the processes connected with it. He was able not only to conceive and explain special techniques designed especially for cleansing and energizing the physical body, but also to clarify the designed concepts (U.S. Pranic Healing Center, 2010). Master Choa created a new system that is easy to understand and learn, so anybody could become a pranic healer. Due to his influence, he is considered one of the greatest energy masters nowadays (Savoie, 2012).

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The system of pranic healing usually employs the ‘no-touch’ methodology basing itself on the principle that a human body is able to repair and heal itself by applying the vital force to the diseased area of the human body. Usually, during the treatment session, the practitioner is concentrated on working with the energy body of the patient. The energy body is the energy field or, as it is also called, aura that surrounds the human body and is believed to be located four to five inches from the human skin’s surface (Prajapati, 2009). Thus, it is considered that the signs of a disease first appear in the energy body and only afterwards in the physical body of the individual. The energy body consumes the life energy and then distributes it all over the physical body, throughout the muscles, organs, skin, etc. Therefore, it is possible to observe the disruptions in the energy field and heal them before they affect the physical body (Lobo, 2008).

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According to the system’s beliefs, the vital energy is always around, and it can be taken from the sun, the ground and air and is ready to deal with the existing physical and/or emotional imbalances. This vital energy affects not only person’s body but also the mind – one’s emotions, way of dealing with stress and worries, etc (Lobo, 2008). According to the founder of the contemporary system of pranic healing master Choa Kok Sui, the prana is all around so that the healer is able to draw it any time. The system of pranic healing does not require any drugs or gadgets to prevent, heal or alleviate various mental, emotional and physical illnesses (Prajapati, 2009).

The methodology of pranic healing is used to achieve one’s illumination via the means of one’s self-realization in order to establish a healthy and peaceful living environment. This system is used for healing emotional and mental scaring and traumas via attracting the cosmic energy to increase individual’s own energy field. According to the pranic healing, one must accept the problem in order to deal with it and to gain forgiveness to neutralize the negative emotions that get in the way of one’s spiritual growth. The peaceful environment during the healing process is necessary in order to facilitate the procedure. For this reason, pranic healers gather in small groups to spread love and blessings. For pranic healing practitioners, it is important to enhance the connection between one’s soul and the divine nature (Prajapati, 2009).

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The pranic healing is an ancient system of helping people get rid of their illnesses by working with their energy body. Proper treatment of the energy field is helpful in dealing with various physical, mental and emotional diseases, but it is not a replacement of the conventional medicine, but rather its supplement. The pranic healing was widely practiced during the ancient times, and was rediscovered and re-introduced to the western world in the twentieth century by a famous practitioner Choa Kok Sui. The positive treatment of one’s aura with ‘prana,’ a vital force, is necessary for maintaining positive and healthy life and curing many illnesses. This system is peculiar because it does not use any drugs or gadgets in the process, the practitioner does not even touch the patient in order to help him or her. Nevertheless, it is believed to be a rather effective one, and it is being practiced widely throughout the world.

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