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LSI-R vs. OASys

The Level of Service Inventory-Revised (LSI-R) assessment refers to the quantitative survey that reveals the attributes and situations of offenders hence helping in making decisions relating to the supervision and treatment of offenders. Correctional professionals, counsellors, psychologists, and physicians can effectively utilize it in the assessment of offenders. On the other hand, the Offender Assessment System (OASys) is used in the measurement of risks and needs of criminal offenders under supervision. It entails computer-based programs that simplify clinical evaluations and the supervision requirements.

The current essay explicates the kind of assessment applicable to Mr. Andrew’s situation.

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The Assessment to Use

In tandem with Mr. Andrew’s situation, I would use the Offender Assessment System (OASys) technique because it is directly applicable to his risks and needs in the maximum-security prison.

Why OASys is More Appropriate

I feel that OASys is the most appropriate technique because it helps in the identification and classification of offender-related needs including cognitive behavioral problems and personality characteristics. It is worth noting that OASys assessment would be directly applied to Mr. Andrew’s situation. For instance, it is said that he behaved aggressively toward authority and gave vague answers to questions posed to him. Newbold (2011) opines that this technique would be appropriate in classifying this behavior and recommending the kind of help that could be offered to Mr. Andrew during the supervision process at the maximum-security prison. Again, the cognitive capability of this assessment tool would be significant in dealing with the cause of Mr. Andrew’s depression and his aggressive behavior toward the officers. 

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Additionally, OASys is appropriate because it assists in the management of the offender’s risk of harm. For instance, Mr. Andrew is said to have assaulted an inmate and received violation tickets for disorderly conduct. It means that it would make it easier for correctional officers to deal with his behavior. Bullock (2011) reiterates that the OASys technique would play an instrumental role in the management of his behavior even as he wishes to be moved to a medium-security prison. It would be vital to manage his risk of harm to other inmates. It would also determine his fitness to move to a medium-security prison.

Will the Other Diagnostic Technique be Inadequate?

I feel that the LSI-R technique that I did not select for Mr. Andrew’s situation would be inadequate considering the above circumstances. Watkins (2011) asserts that this technique would be inadequate because it does not measure the seriousness of the offending behavior. It would be difficult to determine the seriousness of Mr. Andrew’s behavior relating to aggression and assault on other offenders. It means that he could be easily moved to a medium-security prison and cause more harm.

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Mr. Andrew’s Risk Level

Mr. Andrew’s risk level is high because he tends to engage in repetitive misconduct at the maximum-security prison. Therefore, it means that his risk level is extremely high and he could continue assaulting other inmates and responding aggressively to the officers.

Is the Medium-Security Prison an Ideal Option

I do not feel that the medium-security prison would be an ideal option for Mr. Andrew.  Clements, McKee and Jones (2011) agree that the medium-security prison is not an ideal option because it would not offer the high level of supervision that Mr. Andrew requires. For instance, he still gives vague answers and acts aggressively toward authority. Consequently, it implies that he needs to remain at the maximum-security prison where he would be supervised adequately. Therefore, medium-security prison is not an ideal option in his situation.

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LSI-R and OASys are effective assessment tools for offenders. However, the OASys technique would be appropriate for Mr. Andrew because of its ability to identify offender-related needs entailing behavior and cognitive reactions. Again, it makes it easier for correctional officials to manage risks associated with the offender. It would make it easier for recommending the kind of supervision that could be offered to Mr. Andrew, as he reacts aggressively and tends to give vague answers.

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