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Steps in Conducting Research and Their Interrelationships

Research is important in the extension of the existing body of knowledge and solving problems in the society. Scientific research should follow a systematic process by focusing on objectivity through the collecting of information for analysis, which can help researchers make informative conclusions on various aspects in the community (Blankenship, 2010). When following the study steps, documentation should be a priority. According to Blankenship (2010), the research process follows a set of steps that are both interlinked and interrelated. This essay is aimed at identifying the major steps in conducting research and their interrelation.

The first step is the identification of the research problem that should be defined precisely. Blankenship (2010) says that a well-defined problem helps the researcher to find a proper direction for doing the investigation. Problem identification determines the subsequent steps through dictating data collection since the data should be relevant to the problem under study (Blankenship, 2010). In fact, all the steps in research will solely aim at addressing the research problem.

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The second step involves reviewing existing literature and understanding the problem identified in the initial step. Sreejesh, Mohapatra, and Anusree (2014) assert that this step is affiliated to the research problem since the literature review should seek to provide knowledge about the problem. The research acquires an insight of what has been done by other scholars about the problem. The knowledge gained through the reading and studying of other people's work helps the researcher to know the problem’s magnitude, its future consequences, and the possible strategies for addressing the challenge (Blankenship, 2010). Therefore, a literature review is essential for acquiring knowledge about the problem in depth.

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Then preparation and development of research objectives and hypotheses follow before planning the study design. The objectives are aimed at solving the problem identified in the first step while the hypothesis gives tentative solutions to the problem before the actual research is conducted (Tuckman & Harper, 2012). The phase of research design provides the practical framework through which specific details should be followed when conducting the research process (Blankenship, 2010). Blankenship (2010) asserts that this step reveals where data will be obtained, the budget and time required for the research project, sampling process, and the measurement techniques. in addition, the research methods can be identified, which may include surveys, observations and secondary data studies. Therefore, the design shows almost everything the researcher should do in accomplishing the study.

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After that, the researcher implements the study design through the collection and processing of the data. Data should be collected from the sample population determined in the research design plan and should be relevant to the set objectives in order to solve the research problem (Sreejesh, Mohapatra, & Anusree, 2014). After collecting the data, it should be processed to avail the results before the presentation. The results can help achieve the aim of the research since the information generated together with recommendations based on the research findings is useful in decision making. Tuckman and Harper (2012) say that the main reason for analyzing data is to enhance the preparation of a report. Therefore, the research design implementation is critical in data collection and processing.

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Finally, the report should be prepared and presented. The report can be presented in either oral or written form. Sreejesh, Mohapatra, and Anusree (2014) explain that the report should have a brief description of the research objectives, a summary of the study design and significant findings, and a conclusion comprising of study limitations and recommendations. All these aspects can now be presented in a report form after its preparation.

In summary, research follows a systematic process with steps that are interrelated. Among the major steps is identification of the research problem, coming up with research objectives and hypotheses, and planning a research design. Moreover, the plan implementation leads to the collection of data before it is processed and presented after coming up with a report.

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