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A Death in Belmont

Suspicious killing and stranglers intimidate the surroundings as well as develop ambiguities. Suspicious killing not only puts the suspects in doubt, but chances are high that the innocent are erroneously accused. Hence, clutched skills in forensic, as well as investigative examination are the utmost skills of investigative agency’s personnel. If the right skills are not applied, the that real culprits could skip and the innocent could become perpetrators.

There are several examples of cases that can be referenced as the wrong investigations and that blame the innocents. But, the most prominent and a real case of wrong investigation can be referenced in the book “A death in Belmont” written by Sebastian Junger. The writer himself examined the authenticity of the case and revealed that the real culprit was seen by him being an infant. Writer’s style of the book “A death in Belmont” cannot give an impression of reporting the incident, but advocates an impression of metafiction.

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“A Death in Belmont” Synopsis

The story is about a strangler who raped and killed sixty-year-old Bessie Goldberg in 1963. It was the time when a series of sex murders had been reported on regular basis, and it was eighth or ninth sex murder occurred in Belmont. The story goes on and, in investigation of Bessie Goldberg’s case, police convicted Roy Smith (a black farm worker who cleans the victim’s house regularly) as the killer of Bessie Goldberg. Evidence provided by the police concerning Roy Smith’s conviction is based on the fact that he was working in Goldberg’s house that day.

It was very obvious that there were no sufficient basis for the conviction of Roy Smith. Another turning point in the story is when after two years, in 1965, Al DeSalvo confessed the killing of 13 women in Boston and presented himself as Boston strangler. As the writer has some belonging to Al DeSalvo, therefore, this confession brings the idea to the writer’s mind that he could be the killer of Bessie Goldberg. This was the starting point that urged him to explore the matter and collect the solid evidence about the murder of the old lady.

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Furthermore, in “A Death in Belmont” Sebastian Junger examined the case in an investigative and reporting pattern. At the same time, he reported that the actual culprit Al DeSalvo was very close to him. But, at that time, he was an infant and cannot judge the actual scene. He also referenced his mother and Al DeSalvo’s conversation at the day of murder of the old lady. He also cites their group photograph which was captured after completion of his mother’s studio by Al DeSalvo.

At the end, Sebastian Junger’s writing depicts the impression of envisions. Sebastian Junger in that picture suggests that he cannot judge the actual scene and the true culprit. But now he has the power to investigate, judge, and provide solid evidence to the old Bessie Goldberg’s murder, as well as to the innocence of Roy Smith.

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How the four major social forces (economics, politics, technology, and religion) impacted the outcomes of the book

There is an influential impact of the four major social forces like economics, politics, technology and religion. But, the book is a criminal investigation as long as it describes the course of historical events occurred when the author was an infant critically examining the subject matter. There is nothing that could impact economics, politics, technology, and or religion influencing the outcomes of the book.

How would the outcome of the book have been different if the events described in the book occurred in the present instead of the historical period in which they occurred?

In the history, there were no social influences that can hold up the investigative agencies. However, if the events that are described in the book could happen in the current environment, there would be a stronger response to the occurrences described. In the current environment such kind of errors as the wrong convention of innocent Roy Smith, non-technical and irresponsible investigation and weak evidence collection are unbearable.Your opinion of the book. You must discuss why you did or did not like it and give examples from the book

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“A Death in Belmont” is a book about fact finding and revealing the personal facts that writer has. Sebastian Junger has revealed the facts of his life in a reporting manner. His cohesive description of the events prior and after the incident has a grabbing impact on the reader. The book looks like a report rather than a novel or piece of fiction. Therefore, my opinion about the book is that it is good to read and it influences deeply the readers.

I like it because of its evident references from the history. The writer had written the story in his middle age, but the incident is of his infant period. Nevertheless, his evident references from the history, for instance, his photograph, his residence in the incident place surroundings and the working relationship with actual culprit Al DeSalvo get my interest and that is the reason why I like the book.

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At the end of the treatise, it is better to restate the thesis that is suspicious killing and stranglers intimidating the surroundings and developing ambiguities. The book review of “A Death in Belmont” has examined the thesis and found it correct. Each instance in the book completely supports the idea of the thesis. At the same time, the cruel actions of a human kind and the investigating mission of the writer grasp interest of readers. Moreover, the book is like a report in the age of breaking news and chilled media environment. The ook “A Death in Belmont” gives an idea of a thrilled and investigative reporting. At the same time, the reader enjoys the writer’s fact finding mission. Hereinafter, Sebastian Junger has successfully revealed the facts of history both with sufficient and pictorial evidences and thrilled expression.

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