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Prime Time News

Media is presenting a rather distorted picture of the world wide critical issues. In general, frustration is the most common prospect of the prime time news shows. Thus, people are really annoyed seeing the distress every time in the news media shows all around the globe. This assignment aimed at analyzing the language and communication methods used in a prime time program.

Piers Morgan’s Tonight show was selected. In this show Piers is interviewing George Cooney on the Sudan current political as well as social situation. The interview seems to be very completed and extensive.

The issues discussed in the interview are obviously so frustrating due to Sudan’s law and immature political environment. It spread up the gravity of distress among the viewers. Yet, supporting Sudan for its political as well as social upbringings is the major issue of discussion in the interview. Moreover, the terrorism threats have also been discussed, which is the most concerning issue in the current days. On the whole, it is a complete interview on Sudan current situation that presented a very deep analysis of issues involved.

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The overall impression of the media product that is discussed above is quite soft. The body language, choice of the words and expressions, the environment created by the anchorman as well as the interviewed person, and the importance and gravity of the issue discussed herein is quite positive. But, the issue is the same i.e. the end result is the same: it is distressful to the audience.

The conduct of the show is quite implicit. The explicit material is very rare. Moreover, the quality of the product in reference to media product is quite impressive. The Piers Morgan’s, decent conduct of the show clearly reveals his best professional traits. At the same time, the well responded behavior and well grasped skills of interviewed person George Cooney can be witnessed by watching the show.

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Therefore, it is quite clear that the media product discussed above is a refined piece of industry. In this piece of interviewed media show, there is a blend of news as well as the opinion. On the other hand, the entertainment aspect is missing, if compared to the other shows. Thus, it may be said that the exampled Piers Morgan’s Tonight show possesses professional behavior.

The language and presentation of this show has communicated the importance of Sudan’s progress for the whole world. Simultaneously, the aspect of terrorism entailed in Sudan has also been placed in the discussion to judge the environment, in case Sudan will not progress in future in respect of political stability and prosperity. Nevertheless, the conclusions come with the results that support of Sudan is necessary for peace and prosperity of the whole world. That is why George Cooney is working so hard to change the nation of Sudan to be civilized.

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To conclude, media usually presents a topic by overreacting on it and hence makes the issues seem more frustrating and serious as they are in reality. However, the show analyzed is an example of a softer and better rash media. The show is very impressive and professionally made. The communication, body language, and media presentation can be applauded. Every news program should follow the same moderate behavior to present the issues in a more tolerable manner

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