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Coming of Age

In the Coming Age story the epiphanic moments revolves around the main character in her schooling days. Anne had been hearing the stories of racial discrimination in the neighborhood but she had never witnessed a major incidence of the social phenomenon. The brutal murder of Emmett Till in 1955 was a moment of truth in her life. The 14 year old boy had visited Chicago during summer and his life was ended because of whistling to a white woman. Ann had grown from a poor family with her parents working in the white mans plantation. In her early years she used to here her mother complain how the whites were enriching themselves on the poor black's sweat. She had never understood the causes and levels of inequality in the society. This moment therefore served as a wakeup call that made her realize that indeed racial inequality was being manifested in different forms.

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In fact she was really wondering the differences between the whites and the blacks. What she only knew was that the black women were working for the white women. May be she never expected that the whites hated the blacks to such an extent that a simple mistake could cost somebody his life. The death of the young boy really touched her life and was the beginning of a better understanding of the social problem as she grew older in school. The moment really provided proof that there is a real difference between the whites and the blacks in the neighborhood. It is from this moment that her pursuit and activism for justice and equality began. This was followed by her involvement in organized movements for the liberation of the blacks from the inequalities that were holding them back in development.

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It was a brand new day indeed for Veronica as she proceeded to towards the square. Her two friends Kate and Gill had conveniently arranged for the New Year's surprise and they assisted her in carrying the big Christmas tree. The two sang Christmas carols as they moved towards the New York square. When they reached the New Yorks square they uncovered her eyes and started screaming, happy new year!, happy new year! Veronica was really astonished by the magnificent structure that was before her eyes. She had never imagined that such a thing could happen on the new years day. Veronica mentioned that she will always live to remember her first experience at the square during the event.

My early childhood was characterized with many economic hardships. It was so difficult to put food on the table and I had to use my after school hours to work in the factories so as to cater for our families basic requirements of food. This was quite a challenge to me based on the fact that I had to maintain good performance in school. Finding a job itself was really hard during that times and most of the employers I approached dismissed me because I was an underage girl Fortunate enough I managed to get a small job and also stroke a balance and my family did not starve. This particular experience made me to learn a lot about sacrificing for the sake of others. It sometimes becomes wise to sacrifice for our family members to survive different challenges. This challenge also made me to cultivate the spirit of patience and perseverance in anticipation for a better future.

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