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Matrix Trilogy


The Matrix film is a film which was first released in 1999 by the Wachowski brothers.  The two brothers are Andy and Larry Wachowski. The two brothers are the producers of the film too. However it was directed by Joel Silver (William, 2002). After the first released turned out successfully, it was followed by other two sequels namely The Matrix reloaded and the Matrix revolution. These two were released in 2003. The Wachowskis' father was a businessman while their mother was a nurse. The entire plots as well as the participants of the matrix are presented in alternate Medias which include video games, comic books and animation (Grainge, 2008). The matrix depicts the world as a place where machines get their operating strength from human slaves whose ability to sense has been lost. These slaves are depicted to be dwelling in "the matrix" which is a formalized place that appears to be real to them. Two human beings are set to take initiatives to stand against the machines and their robotic compositions. Matrix film is a science fiction film that was first released in USA. The first released was on 31st March 1999. It featured Laurence Fishburne, Joe Pantoliano, Hugo Weaving and Keanu Reeves. In technical category, it received four Academic awards. The entire film talks about a future which the reality perceived by human beings is the actual Matrix (Grainge, 2008).

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The Dystopia is a series that shows that the matrix is similar to human civilization during the 21st century.  The matrix is a formulated reality that appears to be real to the matrix world people. The entire setting revolves around Thomas Anderson who hacks information from other peoples' machines. Most of the Matrix's' games and films are held in a certain megacity which is unnamed.  Morpheus is a terrorist who contacts Neo and urges to enlighten him with the truth about his existence. Morpheus promises to tell him with the one condition that if only Neo believed in him Neo agrees and Morpheus releases him from his believe about the real world. He is made to believe that the real world is only a virtual place that has its basis on the late times of the twentieth century. Morpheus refers to this kind of the world as the Matrix (Darrow, 2003).

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According to Morpheus, people residing in the real world are under the control of machines. The people use the machine as power sources. Morpheus together with his terrorists  believe to have been set free from the enslavement of the machines and are now fighting against the matrix. Putting themselves inside the matrix world, the terrorists perform acts in supernatural ways since they are already aware of it as an illusion (Grois, 1992)

Morpheus acts on the Oracle words and searches for the sole person who is believed to have freed the first human beings. The messiah is said to have freed the first human beings and also had initiated the free Zion city. He is believed to come back to free all people and the final victory to them. Morpheus believes that the person talked about as the messiah to be Neo. However, Neo has very strong doubts about this (Darrow, 2003).  Neo accepts this and is given a red pill to swallow and later wakes up to find himself laid in a pool filled with blood while naked. His body was also linked to a mechanical tower by use of wires. Morpheus saves him and also restores his physical body. Later, Morpheus is betrayed and captured. He is recued by Neo. The agent of Morpheus kills Neo for having rescued him. One of Morpheus' crew members had fallen in love with Neo and does not believe that he is dead because Oracle had prophesied about their love. Trinity kisses Neo and he resurrects instantly. After Neo has come back to life, he gives a promise to the machines that he will bring salvation to them before he rises to heaven (Darrow, 2003).

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The Animatrix

The Animatrix composes of nine short animated films. The directors are Japanese Anime directors. The Animatrix has settings on the matrix world. It encompasses some of the themes that are within the entire Matrix film. It states that the machines are leading to a major assault on Zion. It also outlines the history about the persistence war between human beings and machines that led to the Matrix. It states that the human suspicion and their hatred led to a severe conflict that is suddenly lost.  However, the dominating theme is that machines and human both share a symbiotic relationship. This series also describes hell on earth to be occurring when one of the partners takes control over the other partner .Human beings are said to be exercising total control over the   machines. However, it is machines that have control over human beings despite human beings having initially attempted to suppress them (William, 2002).

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The matrix reloaded

The whole setting of the matrix reloaded commences whereby the machines commence a last abuse on Zion. The humanity leaders are categorized depending on their way of securing defense. Morpheus has a strong belief that Neo will redeem them. Oracle was going to inform Neo about the way he would do so as to save the Matrix people. Among them there emerges a man named Lock, who was also a commander, a superior and an enemy   to Morpheus suggests that they should take a strong action concerning the issue rather than blindly believing in Oracle's miracles. On another hand, Neo is haunted by bad dreams about the death of Trinity who is also his partner. He fears that these dreams are linked to prophesy. Neo goes to meet the Oracle whereby he comes to discover that she is a program that is usually produced by the machines. Neo request Oracle to release the keymaker who is also another program under the captivity of Merovingian (Gillis, 2005). Merovingian was an ancient program with more powers entitled to him.  Again on his way, Neo comes across the Architect who was responsible for constructing the Matrix. The architect informs him that several attempts had been made to improve the matrix system. He describes that the matrix could only be rebuild by the machines.

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The architect informs Neo that he had a choice in accomplishing his task as a savior just like those who were before him. Neo was regarded as the human savior and also the founder of a new Zion which is within a new Matrix. Alternatively, Neo had a choice to destroy both the machines and Zion. Unlike the former people in his line of duty, Neo chose to demolish the machines. He goes ahead and saves the life of trinity who was his partner. On their way back to the real world, the machine overwhelms them slowly (Grois, 1992)

The matrix revolution

The last series on the reloaded brings out Neo discovering that the one had powers more greater than simply having the power to control the Matrix. He had power to control the things under the real world.  Neo lays unconscious after discovering this. His body was separated from his mind and he is subjected under imprisonment his own self in a new land named which is controlled by Train Man who is a program (William, 2002).

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Trinity and Morpheus are pressurized to go down to "Hell". This was a nightclub were they were expected to negotiate with the program called Merovingian over the soul of Neo. Neo visits the Oracle who informed him that the Architect had lied to him about his powers. The oracle said that the powers of the architect were above the act of matrix manipulation and that the matrix came from a source. Neo was told to be having more great obligations to fulfill that were far much beyond the architects' imagination (Grainge, 2008).

The matrix comics

The matrix comics include combined short stories from comic books. The settings of the stories are in the imagined universe which is within the matrix series. Spencer Lamm is the editor of the comics. The Wachowski brothers contributed in the comic project were they participated in the story "bits and pieces of information". This was later incorporated in the Animatrix film which is a short animated one (Gillis, 2005).

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Gesamtkunswerk is an art work that incorporates many forms of art or that which strives to compose various art forms. This is a German word that has ended up finding acceptability in English language. However, in architecture, gesamtkunswerk brings out the meaning that the architect is the one under the designing and watching over the entire construction of the house. Henry jerkins argument is that there is a poor boundary between text and reader. Jenkins says that world making to be the process through which a fake kind of world is established. The unreal world is assumed to sustain the prosperities of the Franchise. The developed world offers a wide room for the various stories to emanate from whereby each story possesses the sense of relating to the others. Jenkins says that a number of various media sources give room to a more clear understanding about various forms of the media (Gillis, 2005).

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Jenkins research in the video game field was a lot. He talks about the ethical physical structure of the spaces in video games. He evaluates the attraction of boys and girls to video games. He urges that the attraction should be the same.  To qualify as an excellent craftsman, one should have the capability of doing work with various materials mediums of art and materials. Industrial design, designing clothes and theatre and music (William, 2002).


The matrix film series is composed of the matrix reloaded the matrix revolution and the Animatrix as well. The film was first released in German in March 1999. The writers of the film are Andy and Larry Wachowski (Darrow, 2003). These two were brothers. The matrix was produced by Joel silver. The entire film revolves around Morpheus and Neo. Morpheus was a terrorist who had other members of his group. They converted Neo to their faith and made him believe that he was the supreme one and the savior of the Matrix people. The film generated a lot of profit from all corners of the world. Later, the DVD about the film was fist launched in North America in 2000. Two sequels were launched in 2003 under the name "the Burly Man". Neo is depicted to be the one to save the matrix people. The DVD was released by the Warner home video. Its was named as the ultimately Matrix Collection. It consisted of six discs that composed of extra information. In 2003, a collection of nine animated short films. These were established to enhance the flesh from the concepts of the film and the series setting (William, 2002).

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