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ThecharacterYoung Goodman Brownis anemblemofdangerunderlying thedecisionof leaving Christian faith for a short period like a single evening. Goodman Brown decides to leave his wife to spend a night out side, in the woods. Dreamshelp tocommunicatea number of situations that befall the characters. Brown dialogue with the devil, in a conversation where tries to find out why Brown is late. Brown responds that faith kept him aback, this communication happens in a dream. When Brown resolves togetback to the Christian faith thedevildissuades him by saying that they are way in the jungle.

The devil uses dreams to communicate the vision of doom. Thisvisionhappens through sending Brown a number ofreputablepeople enjoying aterriblerite. Thedevilimpartssuspicionand uncertainty in thelittleman’s mind. The use of dreams has complicated and causedconfusionon how the reader perceives the characters. Brownappearsto indulge inmanyevils, to somedegreehe takes after the devil. The wandering of Brown into a dark snarled ways this symbolizes the loneliness and confusion of his life with the lord.

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When brown walks into the forest, he carries astuffthat looks like a snake that is theimageof the devil. Later Brown repents his sins as a sacred being this leaves the readeruncertainof whichwaythat Brown aims. His wife who alsowas opposedto Brownsentryto evil ways finally was lured by the devil. Concisely, dreams have made the characters motivesdifficultto underscore. In Battle Royal, dreams tell the persona’s dream of his grandparent to make him learn what he had to get to live successfully.

The narrator’s grandfather had been a mild person in his lifetime. During his last days, he made utterances that puzzled his people. The words of the old man urged the narrator’s father to kill the white race with humility. In his dream, he dreams of being entangled in a circus with his grandparent, who refutes laughing clowns. The grandparent asked him to open an envelope in which there was a message saying keeps the black boy running. The narrator wakes up to find his parent laughing. The dream is crucial since it explains to us the animosity between the two races. The dream contradicts the image of the old man, since the man was advising his people to fight the white race; in the dream, the man is a traitor in favor of whites since he does not laugh at them. In the dream, the grandfather’s letter advices that nigger boy be chased. (words 438).

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In the story, the necklace, Mathilde at all times imagined herself at an elevated place with the jewels. The woman afterwards ties the knot with aclerkwho dedicates his ability to please her. The clerk spends much time at the workplace begging an invitation to apartyof public instruction. Mathilde declines thechancetoattendby arguing that she lacks something to wear. Loisel’s husbandis annoyedto see her sad, he takes his savings meant tobuya rifle to and gives his wife topurchaseadressthat befits her. After the purchase of garments, Mathilde remaineddissatisfiedsince she lacked jewels towearwith the newdressthat cost 400 francs.

Thecouplehad remained with little money toaffordjewels, prompting Loise’s husband tosuggestthat theysubstitutejewels with roses.Mathilde refuted the idea of roses and proposed that theyborrowfrom her friend by the name Forestier Jeanne. Mathilde then chose the laciest diamond necklace that she couldfind. After attendance of the party, Mathilde realized that she had lost the borrowed ornament. The couple tried to comb theplacefor the necklace, but they could nottracethe diamond. All their efforts yielding no fruits, Mathilde and her husbandresortto soliciting loans and contributions from friends tobuyForestier thenecklace.

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It takes them a decade of hardworking to raise 3600 francs to pay debts. The women in the two stories share somedistinctcharacters. Thecentralmale charactersappearto be caring for their wives. Theclerkdoes his best to ensure that his wife gets the best in clothes and pays the francs that the lostnecklacecost to purchase. In the other story, Brownis angeredby thedeviltaking his wife, a sign ofintimatelove. The women also spend their time toadvisetheir men on a number of issues.Brown’s wife deters Brown from going thesatanicway while, Loisel advices theclerktoborrowthenecklaceat the expense of buying roses, which iseconomical (Words 342).

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