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The Secret

The movie “The Secret” has made a powerful impression on me, as it is probably supposed to make on its viewers. From the very beginning the viewer is filled with a rich mix of emotions, both positive and negative. Throughout the whole movie I kept catching myself on one or the other feeling – disbelief, bewilderment, amazement, joy, suspicion, etc. However, besides all these emotional responses the movies has also taught me some practical ways to make my life better.

One of the most valuable things I’ve learned is gratitude. Many people keep telling that gratitude is the powerful thing, but this movie really illustrated in detail the possible effects of it. I think I picked up on this concept partially because it is something that does not require immediate faith in power of attraction but it is the first step to make one’s life filled with joy. Moreover, the exercise is not difficult to do and everyone can relate to it. I can remember how even while watching the movie a number of things that I’m grateful for came to my mind. So, I decided to try to implement at least this part of the advice given in “The Secret”. I would wake up and start every day by reviewing the things I’m grateful for and then go on with daily actions. I believe this will bring me lots of positive emotions.

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“The Secret” is a controversial movie that is bound to elicit different and powerful responses from the audience. Whether skeptics or easy believers in new ideas, everyone one will be shaken a by the message of the movie. There might be lots of questions about the law of attraction but the only true way to answer them is try it out and see if it works for oneself.

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