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Movie Review:

The film Behind Closed Doors: Voices From the Inside (Ambrosino, 2013) was predicted totell life stories about problematic circumstances forced people to become the victims of sexual abuse. What is worse is that domestic violence is not an abstract concept for most of the young adults anymore. What is the first impression of the film story? It scares, plunges into shock, and calls for the attack. Who is the enemy? The enemy can be everyone who does not care about domestic violence as something that is behind closed door or will never appear.

The first reaction to the story I saw was to go out the street and help everyone who needs it. I think that this film is not only worth seeing. It can be also included in the special educational program for adolescents and youth to prevent domestic violence against children and women. The film describes such specific problems like informing and educating the teenagers on the questions of domestic violence and a related matter of building up special skills for non-violent action. It is important to present the concept of health interpersonal relations, gender-based assessment, increasing the law knowledge level on the topic of domestic minor sex trafficking. The film takes up to questions of youth safety. Thus, it is recommended to be presented on the base of educational establishments and special services oriented to social, professional, psychological help of abused victims, children, and families.

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The movie can be figuratively divided into three central parts. It is important to elaborate each of them pointing up their major aspects. The first part is an interviewing part. It includes interviews with influential persons fully engaged in domestic violence subject. They are people who experienced their influence firsthand, helping, consulting, educating victims and those who are trying to help. All these influential individuals speak about the general problem of child sexual abuse. They inform about heightened need to educate youth and their families on sex trafficking question starting from the reasons led to violence development and finishing the list of numerals government authorities. Such a procedure will help to identify people needing support. The most important speech included the information about common mistakes made by individuals to form their personal attitude to domestic minor sexual trafficking subject. Leticia Van de Putte (Texas State Senator, District 26) clearly defined three typical mistakes. Everyone should know that 50% of victims of spousal abuse are children, and the most of them are the USA citizens. Finally, the senator called everyone to be attentive to children, friends, and neighbors. It is a usual situation when people know about the sexual child’s abuse and believe that it will never happen to them, their family. It is important to look next door as human trafficking happens here.

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The second summary point of the film I can define the victims’ interviewing. It can be simply called The life stories. That part impressed me the most by its brutality, despair, and hopelessness. Most people think that the main reason making girls be pressed down by their early prostitute career is easy money. This theory is not quite accurate. When police do not see, parents do not understand, friends do not provide a support, it is not easy to recognize that one is a victim, not criminal. The girls’ letters shock the conscience. Most of them were at the age of 8-10 when they were raped and put out of parents’ heads and their lives. Also, it is important to define such methods of controlling sexual victims as isolation, manipulation, power control. Alcohol and drugs are the most effective way to keep the victim under the full control. The children run out from their homes for any reasons, meet people, so called pimps, who make them dose-dependent. What comes next? Is there any way out of such a trap? Perhaps this question holds everyone in suspense up to the end of the documentary.

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The third, finally part of the film includes the possible way out of the typical abusive situation, dire consequences, psychological, medical, and a simple conclusion — parents must take care of their children, talk to them, believe them, and teach them. One does not have to be a social worker to do something for people requiring help.

The question of human trafficking is not new to me. There is no fresh information concerning the sexual abuse issue in this movie. There are just thought-provoking facts. Special literature and educational programs give enough information to know everything about sexual trafficking problems in the USA and abroad. How does this movie further my understanding of human trafficking? As it found out, facts, statistics, and futures analyses mean nothing to me. The most impressive thing I remember is victims’ voices. It is not difficult to read a book. However, it is too unbearable to hear that voice. It makes me closer and pushes me to do something important. Hearing that voice screaming for help, I want to become the part of that situation, not a passive observer. I realized that my support could also be important. Working together, people can change the world.

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Finally, I would like to make a point of three questions that arise while watching the movie from start to finish. The problem of human trafficking should be well developed. Teenagers should be sexually educated including all the aspects of this question, not bare figures: reasons, circumstances, results, and way out. According to these, my first question is “What makes parents cruel to their children being absolutely blind to their future?” I did not hear the answer in this film. I just saw their tears. The next two questions have closed ties with the previous one. What makes people indifferent to the others’ suffering? It is so easy to call hotline help or consultation. There is a chance the information can be helpful. Lastly, it is problematic to find enough apprehensible information about teenagers’ sexual abuse like this movie. Therefore, I would like to know the particular reason for it.

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