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The Woman Warrior

The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts has been written by Maxine Hong Kingston. The author of the book is a Chinese immigrant who grew up in San Francisco. In the first part of the book, the mother narrates her ‘No-Name Woman’ encounter. The second part gives the interpretation of Kingston while the final part of the book gives an account of what Kingston feels of the whole story (Kingston 10-12).

The major conflict of this book is whether or not Kingston has been considerate in offering the readers Chinese a faithful representation of their culture as opposed to that of the Americans. The mistranslation of the word “ghost was arguable due to the fact that others thought that they used the word so as to make more sales of the book. The author is thought to be giving the Americans their own views of Chinese people and thus she is selling her own group of people (Kingston 12-15).

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The author aims at separating herself from her own culture and mother even though she does a replica of the ideologies of the dominant US culture. The book gives an account of how they have failed in portraying the values of institutional racism which have resulted in the misconceptions of the culture of Chinese and the Chinese-Americans. Many people have accepted the influence of stereotypes to take stall in their lives which has resulted in so many negative advances towards the Chinese people in America (Fonesca 163-173).

In my own personal opinion, the book has been well represented by the author through different. The book was averagely good, but no further details can be given about this book because it is not captivating the reader nor is it engaging them in their thinking possibilities. However, the book has a unique flow that might convince someone to engage in reading the book and thus it flows well (Fonesca 173-180).

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