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Omnivore's Dilemma

This review of the book The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan will major on the first three chapters. The corn/ industrialized food sub topic in the book will be the chief point that will be centered on in this paper. In the corn part of the book, the common expectations to a critical reader include such as; what should be provided for supper. Second the expectation of suspense, drama and adventure in the process of exploring for the different categories of food. Finally there is the expectation of social, political, ecological, moral and ethical significance that is represented in each and every meal.

The first sub topic of the book consists of the shockingly successful food chain that starts with the corn and is imparted completely with corn with what according is to Michael is termed as the industrial food chain. By the end of this chapter, one realizes that corn has played the major role of the source of food and survival in our day to day lives and more importantly the role that the corn plays in the contemporary society as an interchangeable commodity. This sub topic of the book has been successful in portraying the adventures and drama that evolve around the corn and the social the ecological significances to the American society.

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The major weakness in Michael’s work on the corns is deviating from the non-fiction to fiction. The book is supposed to be a non-fiction. However, in the book ,and I quote “The cow opens her meaty wet lips, curls her sandpaper tongue around the bunched clover like a fat rope, and with the pleasuring sound of tearing foliage, rips the mouthful of tender leaves from its crown” shows the presence of fiction work. The second weakness entails the act of the author comparing the act of the societal necessity of consuming meat with the societal necessity for the need for sex, (Michael, 2006). This is self -indulgence.

The book The Omnivore’s Dilemma is a deeply researched book on the societal issue of an educational overview of the food related topics. Michael explores the eating habits of human beings and how they have changed thus resulting to a disconnection from the natural world. The author analyzes the topic of eating that may seem like a simple subject to many and makes it very interesting.

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