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Writing to Change the World

The description given by Mary Pipher’s writing is directly concerned with the harsh environment and situations faced by individuals. It is clearly stated that Mary does not play a blame game but rather points out that the world is a mess based on her own experiences. Mary states that the U.S.A corporations have largely contributed to the world awful status and want of real leaders, (Pipher, 2009). The sole good news to the world is the fact that there are writers all over the world and the generally contribute positively towards the putting in place social changes. Writing in order to change the world is very essential and it works towards bringing the world to unity.

All persons are described by Pipher as having the potential to contribute towards shaping the world. Writers particularly are challenged of finding their voices in the same way she did at the age of forty. She practically does what she encourages other writers to do by writing about her life experience and the experience of others who generally comes from different circumstances and places in the world.

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Amazingly in her book, Pipher does not state to the readers do this or that. She however tells writers to drive in and join a writers group. She comes out and states of the gains she has acquired both as a writer and as a therapist. Pipher advocates for possibilities and practicability on writing issues.

A closer look at the world shows that we are gradually changing it, both in the inside and outside. There has been numerous mind deliberation and imagination of using words so as to change the world. Writing is described as the very first medium that is used to change the world. Pipher’s book is one of a kind and it is persuasive enough to encourage persuasive writings. It indeed pulls people into knowing what it entails and one finds it hard to resist its pull once you set an eye on it.

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In her essay ‘’Serving Florida’’ Barbara Ehrenreich, writes down her personal experiences as she worked under-cover in Florida as a low paid employee in blue collar jobs. This essay show the hardships experienced by low paid workers in America. Ehrenreich relays the message of showing the harsh and sub-human condition that the low paid persons experience in America. Such people display a stuck life where hope of ever succeeding in life is mere dreams to them (Barbara, 2001). The writer reveals how sad it is that individuals do not appreciate the life the live and yet there are others who really suffer with meager earnings.

Ehrenreich describes the fact that there are Americans who live in horrible condition and many at times find it almost impossible to survive with the little they earn. Through her personal narration Ehrenreich puts the reader in the shoes of the poor America who really struggles to attain the basic human necessities. Her experience vividly makes it dawn on the readers that such horrible situations can befall anyone. Ehrenreich gains unquestionable credibility due to the fact that she is subjected to first hand experience in those harsh conditions, (Barbara, 2001). The reader thus is left to experience the said conditions with a rather sympathetic point of view.

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Pipher advices us that we should make our stand in everything we attempt to do, despite the fact that there is a high probability of facing opposition from different individuals. The common ground of the individuals who oppose the stance of others in none other than fear, and it should be instilled in them for the purpose of reducing their opposing nature. Any writing that aims at connecting the human race is simply described as ‘change writing’ and aims at fostering awareness and growth, (Susannah, 2001).

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