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X-Men Origins

This is a movie acted by Jack Hackman and also directed by him among others. The main theme which is profound from the beginning to the end is superhuman abilities of the characters who are mutants. Destiny is also another dominant theme in the movie. The superhuman mutants with different abilities some very rare and extraordinary for normal comic books heroes (Blair, 77). The main characters Logan and victor who are brothers but with contrasting characteristics, desires and destinies. Logan starts by killing his own father and running off with victor into different world wars but victor and their association with Stryker turns to be far from a human liking mutant.

In the movie xmen origins; wolverine the dominating theme is superhuman ability which dominates from the beginning to the end of the movie and enables other themes to be brought out in a better way. Of the many comic books characters wolverine is mostly regarded as one of the most interesting and also one of the most complex characters imagined. Wolverine is a man with a past forgotten due to his ability to regenerate, with centuries of experiences under his belt a haunting past filled with deception, killings and murders and scientific experiments thus a best candidate for an origins story. This makes x men origins: wolverine a good superhero film.

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The movie can also be recommended for those who want to understand the basic aesthetics of film increased awareness mise-en-scene, editing (types and styles of cutting), and sound. Best used in conjunction with study of one or two directors for comparison. This film does exactly what you hope it would. It lets you see the origin of a familiar character but does so with stylized fight scenes and action sequences that must be viewed on the big screen to fully appreciate. They bring in all these other crazy mutants that can do all sort of wild and zany stuff. Things that as a kid you always pretended to be able to do. Even as a person who doesn't follow the X-men (or is it X-people) I was able to follow the storyline and possibly even had a few more surprises

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There are more than 1,000 shots of Wolverine have visual effects in them. Many elements were totally generated by computer generated imagery such as the scene with the machine that injects adamantium, the scene with Gambit's plane and Wolverine is tearing through a door with his newly-enhanced claws. The bone claws were also created for some scenes because the props did not look good in close-ups Hugh Jackman is Wolverine (Edward, 2007). It is the role he will be immortalized for and one that he gives 120% effort to every time in every scene. There are things he says and faces he makes that you know have to make him cringe with embarrassment but he does them with such conviction that you can overlook the stupidity and love the character. Schreiber is always creepy and so to let him play Sabretooth was a good call. He plays him not as a comic book character but as some psycho that could easily live next door. The contrast between him and Wolverine makes for a nice on-screen dynamic. They complement each other and that helps better define who Wolverine becomes.

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Wolverine moves along at a furious pace and that's not a good thing. The opening moments, where we see Logan as a child and then a scene of he and Sabretooth fighting in just about every war you can imagine, could have been its own, two-hour movie. Instead, this is just a sign that the writers aren't going to worry about character development or focus, but rather just piece together a bunch of scenes that roughly fit together (Hughes, 177-188). What we get is a haphazard piecing of scenes designed to showcase a bunch of mutants fans have been clamoring to see for years, including Gambit, Deadpool, The Blob and a few others. Unfortunately, these other mutants serve as distractions to the story and are badly underdeveloped to bring full identity and memory; Gambit, who seems to have some extra powers not seen in the comics, isn't as interesting as one would expect (his Cajun accent seems to come and go, too), but fans will be absolutely devastated by what becomes of Deadpool.

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Characters aside, though, the screenplay is just a cluster. The dialogue is largely embarrassing, though it could have been worse. More importantly, the storytelling lacks focus, in-depth and intrigue for a superhero film. Wolverine jumps from one moment to the next, rather than establishing strong relationships and characters to make the audience actually care. The relationship between Wolverine and Sabretooth is a profoundly interesting one, and not unlike the one between Obi Wan and Anakin Skywalker. And while this relationship is a running theme throughout the whole movie, it never feels completed or developed; Sabretooth's turn to the dark side is never fully explained, and the love-hate emotions that exude from the bristly man are barely explored. Liev Schreiber turns in a strong performance as Sabretooth, but the screenplay prevents him from being the complex villain he could have been (Lees, 2010).

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About music and colour in the movie is a job well done. The sound is done by harry Williams. He does a good job of keeping it more human and on an operatic scale. The movie exudes a kind of muscular confidence and strength that goes well with the action but the way he produces it has a lot of soul and the recording performance is truly brilliant.

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