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Secret of the Wild Child


The secret of the wild child is a movie that focuses on a young girl's story called Genie. Genie suffered great humiliation through isolation during the first ten years of her life as she was tied to a chair.  She was however saved by authorities and taken to psychological specialists to help her. This paper explores the ethics, social and motor skills and language brought out in the movie.


Genie was limited to doing a lot of things that her age mates were doing in the first ten years of her life. This is the period that many children are active and learn many things through curiosity and exploration.

The people who were supposed to take care of genie unethically brought her up. Genie grew up not knowing what ethics, the world she lives in required because she was imprisoned inside the house for a very long time.  She did not get exposure to enable her get acquainted with morals. She was not able to learn from experience the right from the wrong (Kendall, 2006).

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Her development of language was affected negatively because her room, a place that she spent most of her time, had bare walls that exposed her with nothing to learn from.  Her language development was also slow because she did not listen to radio or television; things which could have helped her with pronunciation practice (Kendall, 2006).

Genie's gross and motor skills did not develop properly because she had no chance of exercising them at the sensitive time where growth and exercise were very important. Thus her gross and motor functions grew weak. She was provided with baby food that could not help her grow strong. She was very small that a certain social worker thought she was six years old which was not the case.

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Genie passed through a very difficult and disappointing life during her early years. This was attributed to the fact that she lacked the required exposure to make her a normal child like the others.

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