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A Face in the Crowd

A Face in the Crowd is a story about the rise and fall of Larry "Lonesome" Rhodes. He was discovered by Marcia Jeffries, a news reporter who has a radio show named "A Face in the Crowd". The story focused on different ethos and ethics regarding Lonesome Rhodes and Marcia. The mass media is a very influential form of communication in the 1950's. How the ability to shape public opinions regarding different matters reached new heights because of different innovations at that time.

The idea of media playing a big role in shaping minds of people is explicitly depicted in the character of Lonesome Rhodes. As he was chosen by a presidential candidate to endorse by him, it is clear that a media personality such as Rhodes possess a power that can manipulate his audience. His fame was reaching heights that his ego also joined his fame. He became conceited and treated people as stupid and miserable beings. He thought that people can be manipulated as he says. This conceited actions lead to his demise.

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Marcia Jeffries is another character that depicted this kind of idea. She was the one who discovered Lonesome and made him famous. She was also the one who first acknowledged Lonesome's demise. Fame engulfed Rhodes and she knew that she was the one who brought up this monster. She believes that she betrayed him. This depicts a morale that admits that she did something wrong and that it is just right to take back and pay back for her sins. She knew that Rhodes was becoming a monster. It was just right to kill that monster before it starts deceiving people and destroying the population.

General Haynesworth is another personality that depicts that media is equal to power. He acknowledged that Rhodes was a very powerful man in terms of influence. He takes him in his wing to endorse a Senator who is currently a presidential candidate whose ratings are dropping low. It is a depiction that media really can shape the population at that time.

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In this story, Rhodes exploited the media. He used his fame to shape people which are not what is supposed to be. He grew with a conceited mind. Today, people should not believe what the media says. They should stand up for their own. They should think, investigate and look further into every situation. I believe that ethos should be evaluated for public figures because they are the ones who can influence the masses. Their views and way of life can shape the generations that are here today. For example, a news reporter endorses someone or something; there is a large possibility that he or she may influence the population.

This film is a very true depiction of what happens in the real world. I like this film because it teaches the audience to be a very inquiring people. It teaches not to trust easily people that are famous or influential. Read between the fame and the popularity. Be an inquirer. It acknowledges people to be someone that are independent with his own thoughts and ideas. Also, it teaches the audience not to be deceived by fame and not to be engulfed by it. This is a very nice film in general.

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