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Fallacies Analysis

In the wall street journal of 1st November 2011 was an article about what college kids actually get after going through school. The story was about the quality and impact of the education system in the United States of America. The author argues that those who graduate from the USA colleges don’t actually get the quality training that they perceived to have after school. The graduates are not ready for the job market yet a lot of funds have been channeled to get them through school. The author argues that the education system in the United States of America is giving learners a row deal. The education system does not equip learners with adequate skills to compete equally in the job market Education has become too expensive yet the quality has been compromised to the extent that courses like education business and communication thought to be more practical are the least productive.

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The main reason the author gives in support of his argument is that, as when one graduates, he or she has a huge dept from education loaning institutions yet she or he has not acquired adequate knowledge, the author brings out the sense that colleges are short changing learners. The author also supports his argument by giving a statistical analysis of a number of graduates who are in the job market, and, finding that there is no improvement in there critical thinking, analytical reasoning and written communication skills even after going through college. The author has employed fallacies in his examples to drive his point home like he says “Notwithstanding stock horror stories of the kid who leaves campus owing thousands of dollars…” And”…seems like a cast member in a reality shows.

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The fallacies used by the author are.” Notwithstanding, stock horror stories… ” well this story may be horrifying but not all stories from the stock are horrifying.

Another fallacy the author also uses is "they have been ripped off-but not with the banks or fat cats or any of the other stock villains…” in the context the financial institutions are the villains but it’s not always that financial institutions are on the wrong. Sometimes it’s the other party that may be bringing the mishap.

The author also says that the average department load of a college graduate is $ 28,100 which is the price of a new Toyota Prius. This may not be the actual case since the price of a new Toyota price is not in way dependent on the average dept of the college student.

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The author also says that “either people pit liberal arts against the sciences –“is it a vital interest of the state to have more anthropologists?” or they plump for degrees that are thought to be more practical. Both are probably mistakes”. In actual sense it may be very sensible for a country to have more professionals from a particular field than another as it may be to the best interest.

At the conclusion the author concludes by saying “if this students and grads understood the real issues with their college dept…they would change their focus from occupy wall street to occupy the ivory tower” here, the author wrongly concludes that graduates focus will solely change from complaining about the wrong done to them by the institution and focus on the reality of the day to day challenges.

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The education system in the United States of America has greatly compromised the academic levels of the graduates. This is as a result of commercializing the education institutions by taking advantage of the thirst for education by the majority. This has greatly affected the work force being injected into the job market since they lack adequate training to effectively compete there. This is as a result of the broken education system that no longer insists on excellence. Statistical analysis show that many people don’t actually develop their core skills like critical thinking, analytical reasoning and written communication even after going through college

The author’s argument is good although it’s driven by mainly fallacies and people’s opinions, it brings out the authors ideas .Although the author uses true premises, and they don’t effectively support his argument. Personally I agree with author’s argument but not his conclusion.

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