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Introducing Military to the UAE

Security is one of the most pressing issues in every part of the world. There are security issues all over the world. In fact, security has become the greatest threat in all parts of the world because of the increased crime. Therefore, it is important to come up with an alternative solution that will handle security differently. For a long period of time, governments have the military and other disciplinary forces to deal with security and order. However, the armed and disciplined forces have not managed to reduce crime or prevent serious crimes from taking place. Instead, crime rate is increasing in most parts of the world irrespective of the increased number of armed and disciplined forces. In this case, there is the need to change the way nations handle security and the personnel responsible for order and discipline (Buzan & Hansen, 2009). This paper will support the idea of having all men serving in the military in the country and other parts of the world. The paper will give the benefits of having everyone as part of the military service. It will also give counterarguments to this idea, and show how they are not justified.

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According to the WJP report, the UAE is ranked 5th in security matters. Statistics shows that the UAE is number five internationally in providing order and surety to its citizens. In the United Arab Emirates, every person is a member of the military. Unlike the other regions in the world that have special units in the military, such as the navy, the army, and the air force, the UAE has everyone as a member of the military. It is a very special region in the world that does not only overwhelm the world security agency, but also remains outstanding as far as security matters are concerned (Sheehan, 2005). On January 19th, 2014, everyone in the United Arab Emirates had mixed emotions and feelings. There was confusion on who should belong to the military and who should not. Some citizens believed that the region should act like other regions and have military men working in the air force, the navy, and the army. On the other hand, the other group supported the idea of making everyone a member of the military. On this material day, compulsory military service was introduced to all men in the UAE. It was fortunate to the United Arab Emirates because all men now serve in military (Buzan & Hansen, 2009).

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Enforcing all men in the military ensures that everyone is his brother’s keeper. It means that every person will be on the lookout for anything that can cause insecurity in the world. People will have the mentality that they are all in the military. This is the best psychological belief that will make everyone behave as a soldier. There will be a few or no people thinking of attacking others because everyone will have a soldier mentality. It ensures that there is security in all corners of the country during the day and night. In case a person or a group of people decides to break the law and become criminals, there will be no need to wait for the soldiers or police officers to come from barracks. Instead, the criminals are dealt with appropriately by their neighbors and family members who are all military officers. It makes people with such thoughts stop and join their colleagues in the military service (Owen, 2004). In this case, there is security in all corners of the UAE without requiring attention or presence of uniformed forces.

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In addition, enforcing all men in the military service will reduce the cost of deploying three different arms of the military as done in other regions. Employing police officers and military personnel requires special training, barracks, and high salaries. They remain in barracks doing almost nothing until the country is invaded by foreign attacks. Therefore, the decision of enforcing all men in the military will cut such cost. Additionally, the military is usually easy to politicize. The government in power has to ensure that the military is well-paid so that they do not collaborate with opposition in a coup. The government is usually ready to pay the military any amount that will make it loyal to it. A lot of resources are used by the government to woo the military to protect the interest of the selected few. In this case, adopting the idea of all men being involved in the military will reduce all such costs and misuse of resources.

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Counterarguments of this notion point out that it is not logic to have all men in the military. This is because it is firstly impossible to give all men in the country enough training to qualify them as military officers. Sheehan (2005) points out that, “The men will be in the military as a word of mouth, but will not have the required training and experience to fight for the United Arab Emirates when need arises”. In addition, it is not logic for the government to trust all men in the country. Some are immigrants, and others can be spies of the country’s enemies (Sheehan, 2005). Furthermore, the military should have educated people who can make decisions whenever there is an urgent security issue. Making all men in the country serve in the military without considering their education level is questionable. Some people are semi-illiterate, and others are mentally unstable and cannot make decision when need arises. In this case, the counterargument believes that this is a wrong notion.

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