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Agreeableness as a Trait

The application of agreeableness as a trait markedly depends on the occupation of an individual. There are some people who are remarkably easy to deal with because they easily agree with other people’s opinions. On the other, there are jobs that require people to be rigid (Brousseau, 1977).

Agreeableness as a virtue comes in handy in the process of guidance and counseling. One of the principles of guidance and counseling stipulates that the counselor should make the client feel truly free (Siddiqui, 2008). This enables the counselor to extract enough information from the client to enable the counselor to guide the client towards of finding the best solution to the client’s problem effectively. It is worth noting that the counselor, during counseling, does not make a decision on behalf of the client, but, guides the client through the process of making the least regrettable life decisions (Siddiqui, 2008). The job description of a counselor dictates that the counselor should treat all the clients’ opinion as right even when they are not. This can be further emphasized by the fact that counselors should constantly echo what has said by the client by way of paraphrasing (Siddiqui, 2008).

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On the other hand, there are some jobs that do not require one to agreeableness as a trait. In such jobs, one should uphold rigidity, as opposed to agreeableness. One such occupation is being a lawyer. In law, the lawyer of the defendant should be devilishly rigid to the accuser, and in the same way, the lawyer of the accuser should be particularly rigid to the defendant. In this way, both the lawyers limit the chances of any party swaying the lawyer away with sentiments and claims which betters the chances of winning the law suit for their respective clients. In this profession, one is not supposed to agree with the opposing side claim even when one knows that what the other party claims is right.

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In conclusion, agreeableness can be perceived to be double edged in that there are situations in which agreeableness should be upheld. Conversely, there are situations in which agreeableness should not be embraced.

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