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Smoking in Public Places Should Be Banned

Toulmin method is classified as informal way of reasoning whereby it brings out arguments that focus on justificatory function of argumentation and therefore it brings out various parts of argument necessary for supporting an excellent argument. These parts which the method uses are; the data which provides evidence, claim which is what is being proved with the data, and warrant which is the general assumption that links data to the claim. In addition to these three major components there are others namely backing which certify statements expressed in the warrant, the rebuttal which recognizes restrictions which may be applied to the claim and the qualifier which expresses the speaker’s certainty in regard to the claim. However these three are not always needed in some arguments. (Toulmin 2006)

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The outlined argument looks at an article discussing on “why smoking in public places should be banned” and in application of Toulmin outline the argument has been organized differently in that it will be “smoking in public places should be banned”

The habit of smoking in public places should be completely banned, as it exposes other people to second hand smoking. Smoking openly endangers other people’s health resulting to ill health such as respiratory ailments and even death. From various research studies it is evident enough that second hand smokers get a higher risk of respiratory problems than the smokers themselves whereby they account to about 80% while the smokers exposed accounts only 20%. Banning public smoking which causes several problems to people in various occupations can be quite helpful in many ways. The ban can help in eradicating the sufferings that the non smokers face such as heart and lung diseases. In addition the ban shall prohibit the smokers from smoking anyhow as they avoid the penalty that comes along with smoking publicly. Also the ban shall help in reducing the number of people who smoke therefore securing their health status.

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Argument ally it can be said that not all public smokers can causes harm to others but it is a fact withstanding that smoking cause’s extreme ill health. It is not enough saying that a small fraction is affected from second hand smoking yet is a quite diverse problem ranging from employers, employees, personal businesses, airlines, entertainment and recreation areas e.t.c which occurs at the expense of human health. It is therefore a necessity to ban public smoking and after all smoking is not a mandatory requirement for survival rather it is a slow killer with many lethal consequences

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