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Meaning of Sustainability

            Sustainability can be defined as the maintenance of a balance or equilibrium in a given state, process or system. However, it can be understood as the process wherein even if a particular system is experiencing development it must go on with the experience but must not compromise anything that has something to do with the future. For example, if the present society is able to meet its needs the means and ways it is being achieved must not deteriorate the ability of the next generation to provide for its own needs as well. This is particularly true in dealing with Mother Earth. Humans are using every bit of Mother Earth in order to support their way of lives. The resources that are being given by Mother Earth are being used in its fullness. Humans earn money from it. The rice fields, the beaches, the vegetables, fruits and fishes are from the environment to which every human being has full access with. However, there are still instances wherein humans exploit the resources and harm the earth. Garbage is being thrown into the sea, trees are being cut off and the air is being polluted. This is living in the absence of sustainability (Willis, 2002).

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            For humans to live sustainably, they needed to replenish every resource that has been used for future consumption. The very idea of replenishing earth is to ensure that the future generations will still see trees, breathes clean air and to swim in virgin and clean beaches. If humans will eat the fishes they must not, in return, destroy the corals or pollute the sea. Humans must give back everything that they are using from the natural resources by taking care of it so that the next generations will also enjoy everything Earth has to offer to them. To live sustainably is to exert every effort needed to support a system, process or the Earth to maintain its sustainable limits to continue living.

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CO2 in the Atmosphere

            With the changes that are apparent in the global atmosphere, one of the problems is the increase of CO2. Since 1950, the rate of the increase of the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is highly alarming. Every year, the amount of CO2 in the air is recorded to be increasing. Hence, the result of which is the warming of Earth’s temperature. Most of the ecologists and other people that are engaged in studying and researching on the Earth’s temperature have thought that it is because of the changing heat of the sun that the Earth’s temperature is getting warmer each year. But then again, further studies have revealed that it is the increasing amount of CO2 or Carbon Dioxide. Because of this, it has been predicted that with the ever increasing amount or rate of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, by year 2025, the rate will reach up to 59.6 deg F. It will be a very hot and warm atmosphere that could bring about suffering for the people. In addition, it was likewise predicted that by the year 2100, the temperature will reach as high as 68.04 deg F. This is due to the fact that there is about 0.0531 deg F, increase per year of the components of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere. The rate of the changes in the temperature of the atmosphere will gradually increase every year because of the fact that humans are constantly using machines and devices that are contributing to the deposit of Carbon Dioxide to the atmosphere. Hence, there should really be an aim to reduce the deposit of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere.

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            According to the model, if current CO2 trends continue, in 2025 the atmospheric CO2 level will be 59.39 deg F which is an increase of 0.9558 deg f above the 2007 level. On the other hand, if we assume that the rate of CO2 increase remains constant at 2007 rates of 0.0531 deg F, then the atmospheric CO2 level will 4.94 deg F in 2005, which is an increase of 0.9027 above the 2007 level.

            The polynomial based model is the best approach in defining the effects and in predicting the rate of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere. This is because of the fact that it ahs measured in distinct and accurate ways the warming level of the atmosphere since 2007 to the future. Global warming due to increasing deposit of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere poses a dangerous situation for the society. Lots of disease and illnesses as well as deterioration of the natural resource of all nations will be the apparent effect of such abnormal situation. Hence, it is really important that its rate and progression is measured accurately in order for the government and the people to find ways as to how it can be prevented and eradicated. Clearly, the polynomial based model has given the study of global warming a greater view because its accurate deduction has enabled the society to know how fast the progression is. The percentage of the rate of increase has been presented in a very simple way and form that can lead to easy understanding of the subject. The properties of the case at hand are likewise given importance and stressed out in a very light manner. All in all, the model is easy to use and can easily be deciphered for greater understanding.

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            With all the foregoing, it cannot be denied that the rate of increase of the deposit of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is very alarming and people and nations from all over the world must take an immediate action before anything worse happen. With the rate of increase, it can be assured that sooner or later, snow will eventually melt and the nations will surely be put in a very detrimental position. Hence, it is very important that more studies be made and furthered that will focus on the issues of global warming for the benefit of all the people in the society and of the world.

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