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Balance and Rhythmic Pattern

There are two main forms of art, visual and performing arts and they have been practiced for thousands and thousands of years. The purpose of this paper will be to focus on one segment visual arts; sculptures. The paper will try to answer the following questions in relation to sculptures, what is balance and rhythmic pattern and what is its importance to sculpture? Describe the proportion of sculpture in terms of balance and rhythmic pattern. After discussing the above questions, the paper will give a personal opinion if by understanding the discussed points it changes the way we look at sculptures.

As a type of visual art, sculpting can be said to be the process creating (curving) objects that can be viewed in two or three dimensions angles. In order for an artist to come up with a good piece of art, he/she must first understand the artistic elements and composition as well as the guiding principles and factors.

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According to ISC, balance is a sculpting element that helps the sculptor to maintain harmony as he/she designs and curves the object. It is important to understand that there are three different categories of balance and they are symmetry, asymmetry and radial (ISC, 2010). Dese states that rhythmic pattern can be said to be the way shapes, colors, lines and patterns are applied in the object (dese, 2010). The importance of this is that by understand balance and rhythmic pattern an artist will be in a better position to come up with a good two or three dimensional object. In sculpting, proportion refers to the different sizes of the object. This can be width against length and vice versa (Researching Art, 2010). It is important to note that the proportion of an object directly affects its balance and rhythmic pattern. This means that if an object is of a big proportion, more balance and rhythmic pattern must be taken under consideration.

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By understanding the discussed elements used in sculpture, it has changed the way I look and interpret sculptures. Apart from the general image that they give, I will be in a better position to understand the in-depth meaning of the sculpture.

Summation of the Paper

The art of sculpting is one that does not require talent alone but also detailed understanding of the various elements and principles used in the process. This essay paper has started off by giving the definition of sculpture and the category in which it belongs. The paper has then looked at the main area of study and this has been answering the questions, what is balance and rhythmic pattern and what is its importance to sculpture? And describe the proportion of sculpture in terms of balance and rhythmic pattern. In conclusion, the paper has given a personal opinion as to whether by understanding the discussed questions it has changed the perspective in which I viewed and interpreted sculptures and in what ways has it changed.

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