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Baroque and Rococo Periods

In the 18th century art was the most famous thing in both the North American colonies and Europe. The rococo style was well known type of art in Europe. It was applied in both interior paintings and the ornaments it was also used in various other decorations for example carvings, works of art and to a larger extent furnishings.  The rococo period came after the baroque periods. It removed the features of carving that were there in the baroque work of art so as to obtain a levelled work plane with few interruptions. The baroque period emerged with its roots in the Catholic Church. All paintings and other works of art were designed with the aim of creating an emotional impact on individuals (Ripa & Maser 71).

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In northern American colonies the art was highly dominated by other cultures. Most of their items were imported and this did not encourage the work of art in North American colonies. Art developed at a very low rate when the south adopted the American made items.

The Illusionist ceiling painting

Illusionist ceiling painting is the art that was in existence mainly during the Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo periods of art. It involved the use of skill of perspective; the tools associated with it and other special effects that are used to create a two-dimensional and three-dimensional space or in most cases a flat plane that is above the observer.

Two artists who created The Illusionist Ceiling painting

Andrea Mantegna, who proceeded to Mantua as a painter in court was considered a master in the art of ceiling painting. He painted the court walls creating an illusion of the life in court. This was considered the most significant work during the baroque period. He achieved his fame after this work of art.

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 The second artist was Correggio at Parma who went further into the ceiling painting when he painted the illusion of Christ and his apostles. This was his most famous work. He took the entire face as heaven space in which Christ and the apostles were in.

Significance of the status of Artemis Gentileschi as an artist

During the period of Artemis Gentileschi's as an artist, the field of art was male dominated. Males were putting a lot of effort in refurbishing their public image as they were seen as having the necessary items to be used in this trade. The most widely known allegorical stature was that Ripa whereby he identified the art of painting with a woman with undone hair. Arntemisia used her position as a woman artist to put herself into this role which clearly identified the relation between art and motivation (Bussagli & Reiche 124).

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The position of Artemisia as an artist was significant mostly to the women in society.  First it awakened the society with regard to issues related to the position of women. Artemisia was able to do away with the image given to the woman that included covering her mouth and not being in a position to produce the most impressive works. She also acts as a role model to the other lady artists who followed her in the work of art. Her position being a married woman enabled her to prosper in her artistic work.

Artemisia in her art continually painted the image of strongly abused women since she was struggling in a male dominated society. She also wanted to enlighten the other women in society on the problems they are facing and the abilities that they have not been allowed to cultivate. She also wanted to point out to the society at large the suffering of women. Through her luminous painting she wanted to draw an image that portrays equality between men and women in society.

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