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Michelangelo’s Sculptures

This is an essay on Michelangelo's sculptures. Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni was a sculptor. He was born at Florence on 6th March 1475 (Michelangelo, 2010) and died on18th of February 1564 in Rome. In his life, he sculpted many figures. This essay will outline, detail and discuss the different sculptures that Michelangelo sculpted. At the age of 16 years, Michelangelo made two relief sculptures: Madonna of the stairs and Battle of the Centaurs patronized by Lorenzo Medici (Statute, 2010). Madonna of the stairs was the first of Michelangelo's sculpture. It was made of marble and measured 22x16 inches. Michelangelo used a chisel to introduce the illusion of the Madonna's gown. The sculpture characterized Mary holding Christ and this pose would be echoed in the sculpture day in the Medici chapel. Thus it had a spiritual significance. It was completed in 1492 and was full of emotions. It currently resides in Florence (Ruehring, 2010; Italian-Renaissance, 2010).

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Battle of centauras was made of marble and measured 33x35 inches. It represented a mass of male, naked figures layered in overlapping positions. It characterized men on war hence allowing a violent passion to be expressed. It was completed in 1492. This sculpture showed a greater improvement in skill of art (Italian-Renaissance, 2010).

In 1496 Michelangelo sculpted the drunken Bacchus. Bacchus was an ancient god of wine. The sculpture was commissioned by Michelangelo's patron, cardinal Raffaele Riario for a Roman pagan named Jacopo Galli. It was made of marble and measured 6 feet 8 inches tall. The sculpture symbolized the naked, drunken ancient god trying to balance his wine cup despite his wanting posture. It revealed a degree of sensuality and was completed in 1497. It currently resides in Florence (Ruehring, 2010; Italian-Renaissance, 2010).

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In 1498 Michelangelo sculptured the Pieta. It was made from the highest quality marble and measured 5 feet 9 inches tall. He used a drill for this commission. The sculpture symbolized an emotionally peaceful mother cradling her lifeless son. It characterized the Virgin Mary and Christ. The sculpture conveyed the divine power of the moment and portrayed the love of the Virgin Mary. The sculpture was regarded as his greatest sculptural triumph and although it was the only sculpture that Michelangelo signed, he later regretted signing on it. It was completed in 1500 with a perfect finish coupled with beauty and currently resides in St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican (Ruehring, 2010; Italian-Renaissance, 2010).

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In1501; Michelangelo was commissioned by the wealthy Florence city council to make a sculpture of David. He used marble block called "11 Gig ante" for the commission. The sculpture measured 14 feet3 inches tall. The sculpture symbolized a muscular David posing naked while carrying a stone. The art was magnificent and so huge was its impact that it involved everybody to decide on it to stand at the entrance of Palazzo Vecchio as a symbol of the new republic. However, the sculpture was not aggressive but equally served the purpose of warning against bad governance in Florence. It established him as the greatest sculptor of all times. It was completed in 1504. In 1873 it was moved to Galleria Academia in Florence for protection and to attract more visitors (Ruehring, 2010).

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In 1505, Michelangelo was commissioned by Pope Julius 11 to design his tomb which included 40 statutes. The commission stalled due to lack of funds when the Pope died in1513.

Moses' colossal figure of 1515 at the entrance of the tomb is the central feature (over 8 feet tall) of the tomb. It represents the mighty wrath of Pope Julius 11. The dying slave figure and the rebellious slave figure of 1513 intended for the same tomb stand at Paris. Michelangelo also sculptured other figures like: Lorenzo di Medici, Rachel and Leah (Italian-renaissance, 2010). He started a sculpture-Pieta, for his tomb but did not complete it. The last sculpture that he was making prior to his death was Rondanini Pieta which had a spiritual significance to him. All his sculptures are marked by his genius hence their influence in sculpturing up to date. They brought out feelings, beauty and spiritual significance. It is evident from his sculptures that he focused on nude sculpturing and mostly used marble.

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