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Middle Ages and Renaissance Periods

The Middle Age, also referred to as the Medieval Age, was characterized by artwork that portrayed mainly religious events. The artists primarily concentrated on creating symbols and pictures outlining the Christian values (Reynolds 56). The Medieval artists were concerned more with symbolism other than realism. Therefore, most of their drawings were placed on the walls close to the places of worship. The drawings clearly communicated the importance of upholding the fear of God in life.

On the contrary, the Renaissance artwork was characterized by images that were worldlier than the Medieval Age. The artists put less emphasis on the religious perceptions but mostly emphasized the beauty of nature. The images concentrated on realism since they depicted people’s everyday life. The effects passed across concerned cultural rebirth and growth that incorporated discoveries in science.

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The Medieval artistic work concentrated more on one-dimensional and flat images that were rectangular. The artists drew images that were out of proportion while some were unclear as to what they represented. In some cases the image of a bishop would be made larger to show seniority while a child would be slightly smaller and disfigured to show minority (Reynolds 76).

Moreover, artistic work by the famous Leonardo da Vinci showed the images of people as exact as they were. Da Vinci incorporated 3-D perspective so that a human being looked real although he was drawn in space or on paper. The famous Mona Lisa is an example of realism and world painting in the Renaissance art (Reynolds 34). A common effort experienced from three Renaissance artists shows the artworks of da Vinci, Michelangelo and Botticelli in creating an image of the Virgin Mary and the child. The 3-D image is triangular outline with the magi kneeling in adoration while some other people on the background are exposed.

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