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Folk Art

Characteristics of Folk

The characteristics of fork art expresses an ideal, possibly, that do not exists in more, for over the past five to ten decades artists. Folk art represents a lack of sophistication in craftsmanship and vision which many find charming and appealing. To take systematic steps to become a painter of the folk art would need a self consciousness that seems antithetical to the folk art concept.

Folk use day to day materials and are produced by use of simple technology. Most of them use repeating patterns as well as colors that contrast each other. The folk art is created for purposes of functions where they serve as decorators. The themes that are involved in folk art originate from daily life. They also create quite a great source for artisans’ economic livelihood. The folk art also greatly expresses cultural identity.

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Describes dynamics or mechanisms of how culture and values are transmitted

Folk art does not appear as most individuals would think. It is found in people's garages, homes, and attics. The best approach in describing dynamics of folk art is to view it as the craftsmanship of individuals from a local area that clearly depicts the times they shared and the everyday life. From the barn weather vane to the dolls handcrafted rag the children played around with, that is something that one can never put a price on.

Production of traditional, high end art by a talented sculptor or painter whose life or personality may be represented in the piece. This was not made by popular artists but by ordinary individuals who were in need of certain things. These things were used everyday. They were made to make life more enjoyable or simpler. The people who made them would never have thought of selling them at some auction house. These items were passed out to friends and families. There existed no price tag.

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In the dynamics of how values and culture are transmitted, an example of Quilts may work. Quilts are a well known form of folk art. The seamstress was creating a bed cover for the family. If she was skillful with the needle that she worked with, there may have been analyzed embroidery done on the appliqué work that depicted scenes from the area. Some of these quilts were created for special occasions that included the wedding quilt. The rings found in them symbolized the union of a couple getting married. These handcrafted blankets and quilts are in demand in the present market.

Describes the role folk art may play in the transmission of culture and values

The tradition of folk art is still continuing to this day. Individuals are still making things to shape their lives more comfortable and easier. Toys are made for the children. Some pieces are made for the beauty of it, such as wood carvings. Local craftsmen heritage are picking the tradition and commencing to teach the present generation how to do things, like tin smithing and basket weaving.

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There are festivals in the whole country celebrating different regions’ heritage. Many craftsmen set up different displays to show off handy creations and works. Some give these items to be sold to the visitors (Bishop, 1983). Many of these parties are held in the fall. This occurs traditionally when true artisans’ lives would slow down. The growing after planting being over, this was the time when the harvest would start to be enjoyed. With more time on their hands many period would turn to their craft in order to past the time.

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