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Four Angels Paintings

The painting of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus with the angels by Gerard David and that of Francois Boucher may look similar at the first glance. However, there are some distinct features employed by the artists that bring the differences between the two paintings. Studies and critical analysis of the two paintings indicate the authenticity in which Boucher and David based their art work. Gerard David painted his work in the middle of the Renaissance period in about 15010 inItaly while Francois painted the same piece in 1765 towards the end of the Renaissance in France. The differences in the paintings signify the transition period of Christianity as people came up with various ideologies. Moreover, the paintings tend to revolve around the same subject matter of the divinity where the Virgin, the four angels and all other beings worship Jesus. This depicts how people indulged in various aspect of religion. Therefore, they requested for the portraits of the heavenly beings and as a way of acknowledging the supremacy of the religious characters and to help them keep their faith. The paintings are connected together with the same monastery. The two paintings remain to be popular in the art industry and they are currently displayed in the Gallery 626.

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It is important to thoroughly examine the two pictures in order to understand the similarities and differences that exist in the paintings. To begin with, the painting by Gerard David appears unique and more pleasant to the eyes as compared to that of Francois Boucher. He gave his painting a rectangular shape and made it visible by increasing its length to about two feet with the width of a half a foot. He has included the Virgin, child and the four angels in his painting. Two angels are actually indicated as flying beings above Mary holding a crown over her head. The other two angels are painted on both sides of the Virgin and Child while playing instruments. The positioning of the angels demonstrates the level of significance among the angels. In front of the Virgin there is an archway opening to a landscape featured with grass and trees, some buildings and mountains from a far distance. The clothing of the virgin is also quite symbolic in showing the importance of the Renaissance period. The painter gives her a red garb while the Child is dressed in some white cloth. Her dress is shaded to bring out the contrast of light to darkness. The painter makes his work become an ideal type when he chose to use the three dimension aspect in painting all the figures. This has made the piece beautiful and human to anyone who views the painting.

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The painting of Gerard David is described as an image because it entails a balanced composition of pictures that may look real and convincing before the eyes. The painting is an oil type done on wood which is appealing in the eyes. The characters in the painting do not overlap each other but are evenly spaced. The figures are not exaggerated hence making the painting rational to some extent. The Virgin and the Child are put at the center with the angels flying and those playing the harp in a uniform space. The architecture used is of a skilful type because the objects that are meant to be closer are magnified and seem larger before the observer. This painting aims at drawing the attention of the viewer to Jesus. As a matter of fact, all the figures including Mary look over to baby Jesus. The angels are put in a manner that when the viewer looks at them they seem to focus directly on Jesus.

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David has enriched his art by choosing on his colors appropriately. The use of the red color on the Virgin’s dress and along the column of the painting makes the work presentable. He balances the red color by using it uniformly to fit the context of his idea.Moreover, the golden crown on Mary’s head and on the wings of the angels supporting it brings the reality of the painting. The instruments played by the two angels also have some golden Hugh.Nevertheless, blue and green colors are also emphasized on the dressing of the two angels playing the harp and the guitar respectively. The blue dress by the angel playing the harp looks similar to the blue sky while the green color on the other angel is the same as the color of the grass and trees in the landscape beyond. These colors are very vibrant. These vibrant colors make the painting by Gerard David realistic and indicate the outstanding characteristics of the Italian Renaissance. The styles used to add an effect in the appearance of the painting by the painter is very crucial in setting a demarcation between the Renaissance and the Baroque paintings.

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Francois Boucher share some characteristics with Gerard David in his painting of the Virgin and the Child.However, the different styles used in outlining the figures and the architecture helps in distinguishing the two painters. Boucher in his sprightly picture paints Mary and baby Jesus right at the center with the angels from the above. This is similar to that by David. The difference comes where Francois chooses to include John painted as a very little boy draped in an animal skin.Futhermore, a lamb is also featuring next to baby John the Baptist all looking over to the Christ Child. Moreover, there are grapes at both sides of the Virgin and the Child symbolizing Eucharist hence making the painting to be referred to as a devotional picture. The image is oil painted on canvas type and it has an oval shape unlike that of David that is rectangular. Nevertheless, the positioning of the angels from the throne and light emanating from the head of the Child signifies that Jesus is a Supreme Being. Just like in the Gerard David’s work the angels and Mary worship baby Jesus. Saint John the Baptist is painted with his hand clasped in a prayer mood and looking at the Child.

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These painters deserve appreciation for the kind of work they did in the art History. Each one of them can be said to be lovers of nature based on how they have elegantly described the landscape in their painting. François Boucher has used the Rococo style mostly in his artwork. This is evident in his engraving pattern. He tactfully paints the figures by balancing the essential colors used in the painting art. Each one of them uses a color to satisfy his need. For example, François settles on the blue and white color to paint Mary’s dress while David chose a red color to bring out the same aspect. This indicates the different cultural background of the artists. Moreover, it denotes how the church when through dynamic changes in different environments. Although the paintings are driven towards the supremacy of Jesus and the divinity sense among Christians, the two painters highlight on some contrasting ideas. David in his work paints the Virgin as the Queen Heaven to be crowned by the angels and only engages the viewer with the Child. On the other hand, Francois clearly demonstrates how Mary is seated in reverence of Christ. All the angels are obliged with no duty but to worship the Christ Child.

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Artwork can be greatly influenced by some cultural factors. Therefore the artists must be able to correlate concepts well in order to address relevant information. Although, David and Boucher did their paintings on different times and grounds they remain to be icons in the art history because of talking about the same subject matter of religion. This portrays the kind of people who normally take their time to give the best in work. These works provide enough details and denote how Renaissance and Baroque contributed in shaping the art of painting.Moreover, similaties in the inclusion of some figures in the paintings indicate the significance of religion in different cultural backgrounds. Detailed composition of color and spacing of figures brings the authenticity of the paintings and enables the viewer to make a factual conclusion on the Virgin and the Child.

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