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Roman Art

Problems encountered in defining Roman Art

Roman art is normally classified as more than the art of Rome. Most of its arts are as a result of Roman civilization. Roman art is largely diverse and inconsistent. This is as result of sways in the direction of naturalistic classicism and away from it again. Roman arts majorly have their origins in the skill of Etruscans. So this is difficult to trace it. A major problem in defining Roman art is that Romans has multiple cultures. This brings about complication in defining its art. This is normally experienced at the introductory level. Roman arts were normally derived from cultures the Romans conquered. For example, the Romans were predisposed by the Etruscan's works.

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Most stunning successes of Roman arts are purely Greek. Roman arts are generally derived from Greek. Roman approach to Greek civilization is depicted by its great appreciation of Greek art. Their own arts were obviously based on Greek foundations. Most of Roman artist were of Greek origin and this makes Roman arts more complex in defining it. It is also claimed that Roman art is clearly Greek art in its final stages. The Roman saw Greeks as being cooler than them, so what Greeks did in its art, the Romans desired some (Marvin, 2008).

How the Roman temple is related to both Greek and Etruscan designs

Greek architect came to Roman and brought with them their traditional designs. They incorporated these designs in Roman arts. Roman temple's design gives it a look of a Greek Peripteral temple. Also the temple's square cell and profound porticos are fundamentals that were originated from the kind of structural design accomplished by Etruscans. What makes it uniquely Roman is that its Ionic order is designed in a way that it is near canonical. In Roman, this is actually a practical mixture of theoretical main beliefs and modifications made as a result to area site settings (Stamper, 2005).

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