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Annotated Bibliography

Walton, DN. (1996). Argumentation Schemes for Presumptive Reasoning. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Retrieved April 12, 2011

Walton's text is a compilation of different argumentation schemes based on the art of reason and the execution of reason in a form of nondemonstrative arguments that is fundamentally backed by speech communication and informal logic. However, since the ideal conditions for nondemonstrative arguments are very rarely met, if ever, it remains to be accepted that the leading argumentation schemes of any time are the result of the argumentation schemes of the informal logic. This argumentation schemes are imbalanced against the minority for the simple fact that they cannot discourse with the informal logic and cannot bargain for equal level. In other words, the writer indicates that nondemonstrative argument has its actual very basic moral base and all humanity follows it more or less.

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This book is a perfect example of argumentation schemes presented in a mode of lucid reading. Alongside, this book is a perfect vehicle for the study because it presents 25 argumentation schemes and it describes the processes of each in a much elaborated manner. This elaboration of the 25 argumentation schemes is the chief element that makes the book a must read and important source for the study. In similar lines, but put differently, there is no right or wrong to these processes. Only what is accepted and what is not. What is accepted is dictated by the leading team, or as ideally it should be by a group deciding on equal footing what would be best in the interest of the group to adopt and it encourages speech communication, discourse analysis, critical thinking, informal logic and above all, argumentation. Thus, it is a very important text for the study.

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Mcgowan, D. (2004). For the Sake of Argument: Practical Reasoning, Character, and the Ethics of Belief. Constitutional Commentary, 21(3), 861+. Retrieved April 12, 2011

Mcgowan's work is based on the argumentation that leads to reasoning, character and ethics. It shows that there is actually not standard ethical moral norm to be followed by any given group based on Practical Reasoning and Character. Rather, the leading moral and ethical norm is actually based upon the dictated of the most powerful group or leading group and the rest of the group and participants accept the new moral ethos though not always internalizing the same since it clashes with the personal moral ethos of the individual that is constructed on the basis of argumentation. Nonetheless, till the minority group becomes powerful enough to challenge the leading moral ethical norms with proper argumentation, the whole groups in total would accept and agree to it.

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Thus, this text presents an excellent resource for the study. This text develops and indicates the perfect and practical approach towards argumentation and collaboration in the modern world. This would help the study immensely because the theory in the text suggests that simply who yields the argumentation with character is right. Argumentation in this context becomes the feat of power and is all predominant and the sense of right and wrong percolates from the beliefs and behavior of that power. Yes, when the deviation of the moral ethical norm is too far from the individual's moral ethical norms there is a regrouping and in the long run the balance is achieved. The imbalance of power will last till the regrouping is complete. The regrouping is always followed by the balancing in the moral ethos of the group. This is an approach that can be put into use while researching the aspects of argumentation and collaboration.

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