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The Structure of Words

In chapter 14 of the book; "The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language" by David Crystal, the author has focused more on the structure of words and also the roles of suffixation in expressing the relationships of grammar. The spoken language is in form of words which are combined together by the user to form sentences which are meaningful. However, the primary key to the meaningful statements is the words which have been structured in a systematic way.

More also, the idea of sentences formation is basically a product of the tendency to primarily thinking of the written language at the back of the speakers mind. Therefore, the structure of words can be imagined of as written statements which a speaker reads when in the process of speaking. However, the joining together of these words involves grammatical methods which change the structure if the original words so as to derive meaning out of it. One of the basic methods is suffixation of the original words (Crystal, 2010).

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In addition, suffixation is the method of attaching morpheme to the end of a stem of a word. This is done in order to change the tense or the verbal use of the word which corresponds to the intended meaning. Moreover, a clause is a combination of different words which are meaningful but different clauses when combined they form a sentence. However, there are two types of sentences which depend on the number of clauses that they exhibit (Crystal, 2010).

The first type is the simple sentences which has only one clause whereas the second type in multiple sentences which have more than one clause. Furthermore, multiple sentences are also distinguishable within accordance to the grammatical relationship between different clauses that each sentence exhibit. If relationship is hypotactic, then clauses are subordinate and if the former is paratactic the latter is coordinated. Coordination of clauses creates grammatical structures that are parallel which are identical in both the form and function as well. In the case of parataxis, the grammatical structure has equal arrangement but it is the hallmark to the coordination.

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