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Jones, Geoff (2009) demonstrates that the author of the book was Elizabeth Gilbert. She was educated, married and her career of writing was successful. She was married to Stephen (Billy Crudup) but she was not happy with the marriage. She spends most of her time crying on her bathroom floor. She engaged in an affair with David (James Franco) an act which led her to divorce with her husband (Geoff 2009). She continued with the affair but it did not last for long. She was now lonely. She became miserable and wanted to look for a deeper meaning of life. She engaged in a journey in the search of what she needed in life. The first place she travelled to was Rome. She became a friend of Sofi (Tuva Novotny) who was a traveler from Sweden. The traveler introduced her to Giovani (Luca Argentero) a language instructor. Here she ate good foods. Next she stopped in India. Here she cleansed her mind and spirit through meditation (Prayer). Her journey ended in Bali where she met with Felipe (Javier Bardem) and they fell in love with one another (Barry 2008).

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According to Gilbert (2010) Elizabeth was immoral. This is because she had an affair with another man David and yet she was married. She is adventures. She liked travelling. She travelled to Rome, Italy and ended her journey in Bali. She was wise. This is shown by her success in the writing Career. Felipe is loving. It was after her encounter with Bali she found True love. Felipe fulfilled her heart desires (Gilbert 2010). The book Eat, Love and Pray helps the reader to have an understanding what can happen when one claims responsibility for his own contentment. It’s also a revelation of the adventures which can result when a lady stops the habit of living in imitation of the societies ideals. The story is helpful to people who live in situations pressurizing them and who need change so that they can lead a comfortable life. According to the story marriage should not be a binding factor between couples. If one is not comfortable with his/her spouse they should be free to divorce and remarry like Elizabeth did.

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