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The Impact of World War II on the American South

Remaking Dixie is a book which has been written on a war that greatly affected the American South, this is according to Morton sosna. In the essay ‘world war II and the mind of the modern South by JamesCobb, it exposes us to understand the changes of the World War II by quoting the writer Cash. Cash vividly explains that the American south was not fully prepared for the coming war, as the forces swept the entire world and that the American south had to prove its capacity for adjustment in such a case of war. In those unfortunate times the conflicts between the south and the Yankees arose from war of words to the real battle war, (Cobb, 3). Additionally also there was regions temperament of the people of the south, full of racism , hyper natural individualism , the people were prone to violence and hostile to any form of criticism and innovative ideas.

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The most significant changes were the agricultural transformations. There was incentive from the reduction of land acreage and subsequently land was consolidated and mechanized. This was strengthened by the military pulling out of various areas and employment to most of the south locals. The economy also awakened as some of the professionals and economic classes of people helped expand the industrial sector. After the war, the Mississippi Balanced Agriculture with Industry revived and by 1944 twelve plants were operational at full capacity thus more employment to the people. This was due to the legislators lapsed the BAWI law in 1940 and reinstating the BAWI program. There was also the change in power which was passed on to elites who were metropolitan oriented and helped push the local and state economy to the national and global level, (Cobb, 4). The blacks of the south were also dissatisfied during the war and they engaged in post war civil rights activities and politics. This crippled the South with racism.

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In the essay ‘the south and congressional politics’ by Dewey Grantham he speaks about the post war evolution of the south politics. He argues that the impact of the war on the civil rights movement endangered the relative increase of sectionalism amongst the south’s congressional delegation. There was a large discrepancy in the congressional politics in the American south and the nation (Dewey, 16).

To give a brief summary of the essay ‘Faulkner and WWII’ by Noel Polk, this gives a deeper insight to the WWII impact on the south. After the war there grew a large fictional literature on the distinctiveness of the south and Noel raises the question on why it was a far more difficult task for the white southern writers to do so in comparison to the black writers and literary critics only with the exception of William Faulkner.

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“Southern women in a time of war” by Judy litoff concerns the experiences and effects of the war on the southern women as they served either as military or civilians during the period. Their correspondence even as the society tried counter the role of women during war, (Dewey, 17). Ann Jones in the essay ‘Every woman loves a fascist’ however she clearly explains a different reasoning, she argues that the war refused to look into the issue of gender inequality but instead, focus was on to reinforce the partriachial authority. Inequalities in gender were more intolerable in the south than any other area of the nation and according to Jones it did not collide with any ideology from WWII to bring any form of change to it unlike the case of racism.

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