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 Bachelor of Business Administration Degree

A Bachelor of Business Administration degree is offered in most universities and one is conferred a degree after a completion of 4 years with 120 credit hours in any of the specializations. A student taking the Business Administration degree takes some core units and specializes in some specific academic areas. The areas of specialization include; Accounting, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Management, Legal studies, Marketing, Management information systems and supply chain management. This means that a degree in Business management equips one in a varied field of the above specializations by giving one an understanding of all the functions of a company. This essay will look into how one's career can be enhanced by the Business Administration Degree both individually and proffessionally.

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Career enhancement

Unlike other business degree that only specialize in one discipline alone, the Business Administration degree is designed for basic knowledge in understanding the business world and give a clear understanding of all the functions of a business Although one specializes in any of this disciplines later in fourth year, the Business Administration Degree develops a student's skills in management by giving one an understanding of all functions of the company, enhance his/her decision making and sharpening of one's communication skills by giving him/her a broader perspective of the company (Business Administration Career (2009-2011).

For other career choices like engineering, medicine and law they all need a hierarchy of management for the organization to be successful. Management, development and enhancement of these business organizations are important for them to grow. To cater for these professionals, a degree in Business Administration is important as these companies require professional skills in business management to be run. There are many opportunities for the business administration professionals. This is due to a varied study in; accounting, finance, economics, sales & marketing, organizational behavior, customer relations & redress, industrial and human relations, analytical approach to problems, public relations and office services. The business administration professionals are trained to increase the potential as well as the efficiency not only of the personnel involved in running the company but also that of the machinery hence resulting in overall growth of the company in terms of profit and expansion. Thus a career in business administration not only motivates the student but has a general relief to industrial relations of the organization (Woodcock B. (2009).  

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All organizations from the blue chip companies to the small business organizations do source talent from the best business administration schools in the world. These professionals are offered huge compensation packages and salaries to compensate them for the all important services they are offering these organizations. The competition for these professionals is so tough and huge that there is a big turnover of employees in the first few years. Most companies are after the on-hand training provided through campus to place the students and identify talent at an early stage thus it is easier to secure a job both locally and internationally (Business Administration Career (2009-2011).  

In choosing a career in business administration, one needs to have enough qualifications and an inborn quest for selecting the career. Some of the other soft skills and a negotiating talent can be nurtured and trained in the courses. The love and the focus on advancement of the career help one to find it easy in terms of business management. This is rewarded by entry into positions that carry a nice salary and a nice compensation package (Business Administration Career (2009-2011).

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Due to its many specializations (in finance, economics, public relations, customer care, accounting, finance and human resources), a degree in business administration ensures that one has a clear understanding of all the functions of an organization and a proper understanding of the company. Most business organizations resort to tapping the best talent from busess schools offering business administration and in turn offer them nice packages and salaries to compensate for their services. All other business organizations need business administrators to run their businesses. For me, I have chosen to work hard and change my bad grades to good ones because I have clearly seen that a career in business administration will give me an opportunity not only to work professionally for any of the good companies but also I'll be able to earn a nice salary and a nice compensation package.

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