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Body-Guard Services Business

Body-Guard Services Business

Currently, insecurity is an issue that has raised an immediate concern across the world. There are many death cases that are reported on daily basis with many individuals being shot. Hijacking and robbery have also increased immensely with people loosing their cars and property. It is therefore due to these facts that all people across the world have become eager to hire body-guards so that they are sure of their safety. This is because public security officers have failed in one way or the other to provide maximum security. As a result, there is an increased demand of body-guards across the world while there are few providers of this service (Dietz, 2008). It is therefore due to this fact that I came up with an idea of starting a business of Body-Guard Service in the New York City. This business will be also providing training to individuals who wish to be body-guards and have met required qualification. Its target is not only in the United States but all over the world.

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I am a highly educated and skilled person particularly in the field of business and management. Furthermore, I have high skills of exploiting little available resources particularly entrepreneurship. Due to these facts, I am in a good position to run and operate body-guard services to the best level than ever before. In order to improve this business, I will employee people from all races and countries unlike other businesses that employee people from country where they are located (Dietz, 2008). By employing and training body-guards from all over the world, I will be also offering my services to all countries across the world. For instance, if I employ and train people from Germany, Japan, South Africa, Nigeria, among others, I will similarly look for a Japanese, Nigerian, South African and Germania that needs body-guard and provide him or her with a well trained and highly skilled body-guard from his or her own country. Thompson (2005) asserts that this is due to the fact that some body-guard service provide for instance, provide a Nigerian with a Japanese body-guard a fact that leads to some inconvenience not due to the fact that the guard is not highly skilled but due to language barrier and miscomprehension at a times thus this one of the issues that I will be doing away with in my service provision of body-guard. However, I am planning to apply the use of internet and media including popular radio and TV stations to advertise my services.

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Customer Analysis

According to Thompson (2005), all people across the world need high quality and perfect security. This is due to the increased insecurity with many people being killed everyday. However, business men and women, and politicians, who are my clients, are ones that are at high risk of insecurity with many of them being their competitors and political opponents. Hence business people and politicians will be my potential customers since they seek to defend themselves and their goods. These my clients are seeking body-guards so that they are sure of their security when they are going to bank, when trading and when holding political rallies. This is because many business men and women have been killed while on their way to or from the bank, when going to pay for their imported goods or when holding political rallies. Thus headquarter of my business shall be located in New York City, with branches in other parts of America and all over the world. This is because my business shall be an international business serving all people across the world. This is in accordance to the research which I carried out and revealed that many people in African countries who need body-guards prefer Whites, a fact that will put me in a better position to provide them with the body-guards of their choice and wish (Thompson, 2005).

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Analysis of Primary Competitors

Due to the fact that security is a significant factor and many people across the world is worried caring about his or her own security, there are many different companies and organizations providing body-guard security services. This has led to an increased competition not only in America but across the world. Nevertheless, despite the fact that there are many different body-guard services competing for clients across the world, Bodyguard Service International (BSI), K-9 Bodyguard, Vandenberg Business Service Group, New York Security service, Hawk East Inc. and Bulletcatchers are the major competitor covering and offering its services across the world (Sciacca, 2006). In order to compete effectively, some companies use low prices, reliability, and reputation among many other strategies to attract attention of clients all over the world as seen in the table below:

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Competitive Strategy

Bodyguard Service international (BSI)

Reliability and reputation

Vandenberg Business Service Group

New York Security service

Reliability and reputation with highly trained guards

Marketing Environment

Like in any other type of business, bodyguard services have its own environment under which it operates. However, this environment is influenced by both external and internal factors including:

- Political factors

- Economic factors

- Social factors

- Legal or Governmental factors

Like I have said initially, political factors are of great significance due to the fact that one of my best clients is politicians who want to be protected against their political rivalries thus creating more jobs. Economic factors are also one of the most significant factors since they also assist to offer jobs in cases where business men and women, and merchants seek bodyguards for fear of being attacked. Social factors are also of importance to some extent since they provide basis over which this business is carried out (Sciacca, 2006). Legal or government factors are the factors which influence this business negatively in that they complicate this process by providing unnecessary rules and regulation governing this business. As a result, quite a number of people who seek and want bodyguards are afraid to follow this process a fact that lead them to remain with no bodyguard thus limiting our job opportunities and clients.

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