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Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited

Company Background

Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited (Qantas) came into being in 1920 and it is the world's second oldest airline based in Australia's. It is also the Australia's largest local and international airline. Its development story is inextricably since it is of human endeavor and just not the concept of machines (Eames, 17). It was connected with growth and development of aviation (civil) in Australia. The first kinds of planes were fragile, having open cockpits and carried one to two passengers utmost. With time, they developed and progressed to the new Airbus A380s having a capacity of 450people to different places in the world. The individuals establishing this airline faced a number of obstacles, but managed to overcome them. Despite the war of 1920, the staff and loyal customers gave the airline support and as such gave them a chance to serve the nation as well as build the enterprise. Its headquarters was based in Winton, but later it was moved to Longreach in the year 1921. Mail and passengers flights first scheduled in the airline company operated between Charleville and Cloncurry in 1922. Later, in 1929, they were able to set up a workshop in Longreach. In 1930, the company extended its network to Brisbane (Pederson, 14).

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Company description

In Australia and the Asia Pacific region it is known to be the leading domestic airline. In the world, it has been rated to be the tenth largest airline company since it connects Australia to approximately 81 destinations in 40 other countries in the world. Despite international trips, it also does serve its citizen through the domestic services both in Australia and New Zealand. There are also other regional services offered by this company with a budgetary partnership start up based in Singapore. In a year, this company together with its regional subsidiary has managed to carry over 30 million passengers worldwide. The company has continued to maintain the alliances and arrangements shared; an active member of one-world global airline alliance with an interest rate of 18% American Airlines and British Airways plc being in the lead (Pederson, 19-24).

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Situation analysis

Environmental: In the field of aviation, the unavoidability of resources to be consumed and emissions produced is being looked into so as to minimize the impact it has on the environment. Carbon dioxide emissions which are hazardous wastes to both the country and its citizens in the last years have been reduced considerably. Introduction of concepts that deal with energy saving in various fields and renewal of the available fleets has seen to the reduction of noise pollution and emissions through use of modern technology and operation measures. Protection of the environment continues to be the chief priority of the Airlines since they serve so many people including the country's economy (Pendleton, 254-260).

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Political and Law

A bill was introduced to the House of Representatives that affected Australia's aspect of nationalizing interstate Airlines. During this time, ANA was the only one that took dominance of the domestic carrier market. Giovanni called for the government's removal of the remaining airline ownership caps. ASA contains nationality clauses that depicts that 90% of the State's airline should be owned and controlled by the citizens so as to be able to engage in international services. For example, if Qantas was let say acquired by the British Airways, it could stand a chance of loosing all the market privileges assigned to it hence will not access any of the states with this national clause in Australia. Not unless these clauses are removed, ownership of the airlines will continue to exert immense power and influence which is not good since the citizens will not be involved in any of the airline's activities yet they use it when traveling (Pendleton, 280-282).

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