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Three Positive Effects for the Consumers from Advertising

The first positive effect for the consumer as a result of advertising is that they obtain free access to product information so that they make more informed choices on products. This gives the consumer an edge when it comes to making the actual buying. The Consumers, armed with the information they got from the advertising campaign, can be able to plan their expenditure around their actual income. This is to say that the consumer is given an opportunity to plan in advance as to what he or she will buy. The free access to product information plays a crucial role, for it enables the consumer to compare similar products manufactured by different companies. Thus, the consumer is given the freedom to choose from which company he or she will buy the product. The product information will include details like the quality, price, color and consumer comments among other details. Johnson Douglas in his book advertising today says "Product information is a blessing to all consumers as they can plan their spending on certain products early in advance". Product information enables the consumers to agree on contentious issues e.g. color for products like furniture and cars. This is because seemingly innocent details like color can fracture good relationships for products that are shared for example the family car. This means that prior product information gives consumers like couples the chance to plan and agree as a group, if the product is going to be used by more than one person. This is quite beneficial to consumers who have relationships to maintain. Douglas (1978), posts that, "Product information is the key that opens the door to a customers freedom of choice". This means that advertising offers the consumers the freedom to make their own choices, governed by their own principles and preferences

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Secondly, consumers gain through the increase in competition generated, as they pay better prices for products. Consumers through advertising benefit so much; this is because as rival companies keep on advertising, they ultimately end up engaging in price wars. This is to say that companies through their advertisements and in order to draw more customers keep lowering their prices. The beneficiaries of these price reductions are the consumers, who have to pay less and less for the same product or a similar product. McFall in her book, Advertising: A cultural Economy says that, "Price wars help to bring down product prices and consumer is the ultimate beneficiary". Consumers get to pay for products at the least price possible as they have a wide array of related products to choose from courtesy of advertising. Consumers get to acquire products at bargain prices and this is very convenient and beneficial to the consumers.

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Advertising helps the consumers to get very quality products at considerably low prices. For example, one company will through advertising keep lowering its prices in order to get or hook more consumers for its products. A rival company will then be forced to lower their prices even lower. All the time this is happening, the companies will be adding the latest modifications to their products. The consumer ends up being the winner in this game of competing companies fighting to hook him to their products. McFall (2004) says that, "Companies cannot afford to compromise quality even when they lower prices". This means that, as has been said above, the product remains top quality while the price becomes friendly to the consumer. Competing companies through their advertisements predispose the consumer to the biggest opportunity of great buys. Advertising is thus a blessing to the consumer in that it manages to present pocket friendly prices to the consumer for high quality products.

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The final benefit of advertising for the consumer is better access to wireless products, such as internet and TV. These products availed by advertising are very important to consumers in this era of information and technological wonders. Access to these products means connection to friends and acquaintances over a long and wide geographical area. Furthermore these wireless products, the internet and the TV bring with them a host of other benefits that are in great demand by consumers. This is because these wireless products have a bigger and better capacity to meet the needs of the consumers. For example, the said wireless products will open new horizons and avenues through which the consumer will be able to access more and more advertisements. These advertisements will bring with them the benefits of expanding the consumer's information base and increasing the choices available to consumers. The internet has opened a whole new world to millions and millions of people all over the world. Television has revolutionized society and greatly impacted cross cultural interaction. Jonathan Green In his book, Social networking and the internet, says that "The internet has gone a long way in improving relations between the west and the east than the efforts of all US presidents since Richard Nixon". Thus when the internet comes as a side benefit in advertising, it brings more with it than the products manufacturers had initially intended. This means that the benefits that come with advertising, especially when internet is considered as a benefit, are immeasurable. Green points out that, "The internet is the single most influential social networking avenue through which untold opportunities can come to the user". Advertising has proved to be a huge blessing especially when it's considered that it brings with it the added benefits of access to the internet and television. Advertising when all is said and done positively benefits the consumer.

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