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Business Proposal and Evaluation

Selected Organization

Tanger Outlets is a company that provides various premium goods of famous brands. It also deals with cosmetics for the face, eyes, lips and cheeks at a discounted price. The cosmetic brands of Tanger include the Estee Launder, MAC, Bobbi Brown and the Clinique (Tanger Cosmetics, 2016). Tanger Outlets is mostly focused at providing its customers with substantial saving of money. Moreover, the company aims at giving the chance to its consumers to purchase the most recent and fashionable retail brands at attractive price. Tanger Outlets similarly offers cash refund in case of a price difference for any item being purchased. As a result, the organization is focused on giving the consumers the confidence of acquiring a great deal every time they shop.

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The portfolio of Tanger products constantly expands with fashionable trends from their favorite brand name and the respective designer outlets. Therefore, Tanger Outlets Company has become a significant tourist attraction which welcomes more and more brand bargain hunters every year. To assist Tanger Outlets in its operating strategy and future growth, the industry needs to do business with a global leader of cosmetics and amass talents from reputable organization like the Avon Products Inc., for instance. The report below is a convincing proposal to the stakeholders of Tanger Outlets why they should attempt to incorporate with Avon Corporation.

The Selected Outside Organization

Avon Products Inc. is one of the leaders of cosmetics worldwide. It has revenue flows of almost over $8 billion that are attributed from the sale of cosmetics. Being the biggest global seller, the marketing of the company targets the women of around 143 nations accompanied by 5 million sales representatives from Avon Company. The brand products of Avon are an extension of costume jewelry and clothing. Moreover, Avon Inc. has been experiencing a positive growth and rise of revenues. Its net income accumulated to $847 million in the financial year 2005.

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Why Tanger Outlets Should Do Business with Avon Products Inc.

The organization has, however, been faced with very stiff competition in the market of the United States which has other competitive cosmetic enterprises. To maintain their market, share in the U.S., the organization had to advance some changes in its global structure of operations. Such adjustments have made the senior management be more concerned with the main business partners and have further stimulated global integration, thus, it has made Avon Company well positioned for the sustainable growth (Hastin, 1998).

The company has escalated its investments in the advertisement, consumer research, market intelligence and the overall innovation capacity of the product. Consequently, the result of such restructuring was a continuous rise in the organization's revenues to around $11 billion in the annual year 2009. The projections for revenues are forecasted at $432 million in the year 2011 to 2012 upon the attainment and accomplishment of all the initiatives taken by the corporation to maximize profits. If Tanger Outlets can embrace the business collaboration with Avon Products Inc. they can be assured of an advanced marketing awareness and consumer research since the corporation has currently escalated its investments to the stipulated area of research.

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When we analyze the key factors responsible the success of the industry, it is clear that Avon is focused on creativity and unique product image and branding. Therefore, the organization should administer an extensive research of the product development and the relevancy in the current market. For instance, the products that are mostly focused on females should include anti-aging items. The teenagers can also be granted their stylish designs of cosmetics that make them feel unique and, consequently, appreciate the role of Avon in research and development.

To attract consumers and maintain a wide marketing base, the corporation should consider direct sales through the customers and the business. Incentives should be offered to the customers as a means of motivating them in purchasing such products. The advertisement of Avon products should target their main clients and remove potential competitors. Avon Inc. can also consider franchising in products and applying the specified rules of engagement.

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The Status of Avon Company that Perpetuated the Necessity to Change

The story of success of Avon Company had turned into deprivation in 2006. The organization was challenged with a decline in their revenues and the profits from operations. One of the major reasons for the decline was attributed to the rapid growth of the company that could not be contained by its employees. Some other weaknesses were evident that impacted negatively on the effectiveness of the workers at the talent management measures.

The company's talent and its infrastructure could not sufficiently support the steepy growth. The undying urge to the process of restructuring was clear and, therefore, the organization turned towards the main program of restructuring which was focused on the radical transformation of the costs incurred by the enterprise and the need to elevate the organizational efficiency. The program of restructuring became the key pillar in the Avon's revolution plan (Avon Products, Inc. 1969).

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The Change Theory in the Products of Avon

As typified by the products of Avon, the change theory reflected is a 360 degree of assessment in combination with the performance management and another plan for succession. The expansive approach to an individual transformation is composed of five main elements which are the following: the members need to consent to the ways of change; individuals should be assisted in their efforts to recognize the importance of change; activities that perfect building of one's skills should be shared; a close examination of how an individual respond to such activities should be part of the transformation. Finally, there is a need to estimate how growth and development result in positive outcomes. Undoubtedly, such approach is very relevant for an executive coaching. The results would be flawless and excellent when adhered to as per the expectations (Oakes and Galagan, 2011).

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As a result, Avon Corporation became much disciplined due to the transition. Currently, the functioning of the company is properly structured and systematic. Moreover, all operations are well synchronized and are very consistent concerning the schedule nationwide. The decisions that focused on Avon talents were reached through obtainment of a qualitative and quantitative data. Such data were obtained from the nature of experiences by various leaders. There was a standard procedure for operations that ensured the development of talent in the long-term and the short-term.

Success Benefits Derived from Tanger Outlets Trading with Avon Products Inc

Several benefits have been derived as a result of the revolutions taken by Avon Corporation. The ratings by the current managers increased significantly from 17 percent to nearly 90 percent. The consequential ratings of the Human Resource rose up to sixteen percent. There was more open and transparent talent movement and penetration in the big markets. The process of promotions was precise, and the majority of leaders benefited from that transformation.

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More trust ensued to the leaders and the management of Avon; they became more accountable and trusted. The goals that relate to the expense savings had been attained as it had been forecasted earlier. At the beginning of revolution, there was no nationwide understanding process or the actions by the respective associates in the turnaround process. In other words, there was no integrated aim on the defined measurements and the measures for improvements (Goldsmith and Carter, 2010).

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